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> - Therapy With Men After Sixty
> I am excited about this new book by Barry McCarthy who was consistently one of
> the most highly rated presenters at the Smart Marriages Conference where he
> shared his expertise on sex. I still recommend the recordings of his
> presentations, most especially of Marital Sex As It Ought To Be, the session I
> think we should all listen to once a year, just to be reminded ‹ and to
> prevent monotony on long trips (pun intended)
> Barry has written more than 20 great
> books, including Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style (recipient of the Smart
> Marriages Impact Award/ and Rekindling Desire: A
> Step-by-Step Program to Help Low-Sex and No-Sex Marriages plus several focused
> on male sexuality (whole books dealing with premature ejaculation or with
> erectile dysfunction) -- but it will be interesting to see what he offers to
> help men deal with all the aspects of aging. He says he has written this for
> helping professionals but also for men to read themselves. (I would also
> assume the women in their lives might find it interesting.)
> Here is the book blurb: Therapy with Men after Sixty is a breakthrough book
> for professionals that helps them open their clients¹ minds to new ways of
> thinking, behaving, and feeling about the aging process. The authors adopt a
> realistic but optimistic tone as they carefully examine the psychological,
> relational, and sexual aspects of life after 60, while also dispelling common
> myths. Topics addressed include how to build and maintain Psychological Well
> Being, have quality relationships, build self-esteem, and deal with crisis and
> loss. Practical topics, such as financial issues, living situations, and
> relationships with adult children and grandchildren are addressed through
> guidelines, skill exercises, and case studies. Each chapter helps mental
> health professionals to account for individual, couple, cultural, and value
> differences, making this an unparalleled resource for helping men successfully
> meet the challenges of aging.  And, here is a code IRK71* for 20% off if you
> order it online from Routledge at    Or, you
> can order it directly on amazon, same price but without the discount.
> Send me your reviews and I will share mine.
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> - Marriage advice: THINK, then start with end in mind
> James Sheridan 
> James Sheridan, like Barry McCarthy, was always one of the highest reviewed
> presenters at the Smart Marriages Conferences with his Marriage Done Right
> model. 
> I was so pleased today when someone sent me one of his columns.
> 876/1017
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> ­ On NOT Throwing in the Towel
> I had one of those emails last week that turned into a call that turned into
> what I am convinced will be another marriage stepping back from the cliff.  I
> was grateful to have a these courses to offer that put this couple on hold,
> and gave them something to look forward to ‹ a class that I know will turn
> their marriages and lives around and a great get-away in Miami or San
> Francisco to look forward to, and which intrigued the wife.  She gets to pick.
> (Of course, I said they should go to both of them ‹ one this year, one next
> year.) This guy had found the Smart Marriages website and read the Before You
> Throw In the Towel page and emailed at 3 in the morning. And, so it goes.
> Also, to remind you, your marriage does not have to be off in the ditch for
> these, or any Marriage Education classes to be a great idea. Tune up and get
> smart to make your marriage all it can be.
> - Adventures in Intimacy (What if you had a happiness reset button?) ­ Miami
> Jan 16-18
> - Hold Me Tight Weekend Workshop San Francisco Jan 24-25 - Sue Johnson,
> HERSELF, will join Michelle and Sam to teach the class
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