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Tue Jun 1 16:56:12 EDT 2010

I'm sure you've heard the sad news, that Al and Tipper Gore are divorcing.
Many of you have emailed me in shock and disappointment. And, the media are
calling - it's crazy.  I tried getting through to Claudia and David Arp and
their line stays busy - all the media calls.

Journalists are calling the Arps, experts on The Second Half, to ask them
WHY would a couple divorce after 44 years?! The journalist I've talked to
say the Gore's press release says it's not infidelity.  I'm not buying it.

In any case, whether it's *growing apart* or *infidelity* - we can help.
You don't want to miss the Arp's workshop.....the BOOMERS are definitely
coming and need help to revitalize their empty nest marriages.  The Second
Half is a TOOB - an easy to teach, out of the box program:

Get yourself tooled up!

414 - Sat morning July 10, Orlando Smart Marriages
The Second Half 
Claudia and David Arp, MSW
Teach empty nesters to reinvent their marriage,
avoid divorce, and make the rest the best. Great
for mentor couples to teach in church or community.
Bonus "Dates for Empty Nesters" material.

And, speaking of infidelity, you also don't want to miss Peggy Vaughan's
workshop where she'll tackle all the Dawn of Sex and other nonsense.  It's
true that you can listen to the recording, but read her reply to yesterday's
Dawn posting and you might decide this is one you want to attend in person -
take part in the discussion and be part of the recording.  If you can't make
the workshop, stop by her exhibit where she'll continue the discussion and
talk about solutions.  Or stop at the Combined Book Exhibit where she'll
sign her classic, The Monogamy Myth, and her latest To Have and to Hold (an
update of the how-to-do-it, Preventing Affairs)

208 - Friday morning, July 9, Orlando Smart Marriages
The Future of Monogamy
Peggy Vaughan
It's time to tackle the patterns of serial marriage
and serial/temporary monogamy that threaten to
make long-term marriage almost obsolete. Q & A
about affairs, monogamy and future strategies.

Dear Diane, 
I'll likely refer to The Dawn of Sex in the intro to the section of my
workshop where I address the common question: "Is monogamy natural." (The
pub date is June 29, so I'm pre-ordering it for my Kindle so I can get it in
time to take a look at it before my session.)

I'll point out that this question is irrelevant - and that "debating" it
only serves to avoid dealing directly with the issue of affairs and its
impact on our lives.

The reason it's irrelevant is that as human beings instead of lower animals,
we make choices about how we live. Even if monogamy were not "natural," it
wouldn't control our behavior - because in a civilized society, we choose to
wear clothes as well as a myriad of other things that may not be "natural."

So whether or not to behave in a monogamous way is one of our many choices -
not to be used as an excuse to justify having affairs.

Peggy Vaughan
peggy at

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