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Wed May 13 10:56:13 EDT 2009

I realize this is kind of futile, by which I mean that if you're on this
list you already KNOW all this.....  But in chance that one or two of you is
new to Smart Marriages and reading this, I will repeat:

There is LOTS of INFORMATION on the website that we are
unable to fit into the brochure.  LOTS.

1) Live links from EACH Training Institute that explains in detail WHAT
you'll receive, what you'll be able to do, suggested reading - if you take
the Institute.

2) The TOOB page.  If you click on the title of each TOOB (each Teach Out of
the Box) program, you are taken to a page that gives details about how to
order the program including the price and including many Smart Marriages
limited-time DISCOUNTS.

3) I know it seems quicker to call me and ask questions, but by the time we
play phone tag you can find most of the info at Frequently Asked Questions:  If not, call me, Diane, at

4) For REGISTRATION questions - payment, course selections, etc or f you
realize you've made a mistake or want to change something on your
registration OR want to add a banquet or the Fireproof Luncheon or an
Institute, email: smc at - that smc *at* or call
651-789-3738.  The registration company is in Minnesota, I'm in DC. I don't
have access to the registration records.

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