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Forward this email.  I truly believe if we start with the kids we will
change marriage in the next generation.  If you are not offering marriage
education to the kids in your community, you no longer have any excuse. Read
this- you get paid to do it!!  - diane

Here's an email from Kay Reed of the Dibble Foundation:

Dear Friends -

Here is one terrific resolution you can easily keep for 2008! Resolve to
teach teens the skills needed for healthy relationships now so they can
become eventual masters of marriage - and we will pay you for doing it!!

Here's how:

- Apply to participate in the First Comes Love
Program at:

- Attend theTwo Day Pre-Conference Training (#115) at the Smart Marriages
2008 Conference on July 1 & 2, 2008:

 - Teach 40 teens one of four acclaimed relationship skills
Programs by May 30, 2009

You will receive:
   - Full tuition rebate for the Institute ($130)
   - One curriculum of your choice plus 40 sets of student materials
   - A Benchmark payment ($70)
   - Plus the warm fuzzy glow at the good you've done for your

You will learn from the authors themselves - Nancy McLaren (The Art of
Loving Well); Stephen Judah (Essential Disciplines), and Char
Kamper CONNECTIONS: Relationships & Marriage and Dating &
Emotions) how to teach each program and integrate them into your own unique

And, it gets even better: tuition for this institute is 50% off - you get
two days of training for only $130 for both days!

You are welcome to attend our Training Institute and the Smart Marriage
Conference even if you don't participate in First Comes Love. You'll get a
copy of the student materials, lots of background and training information
plus a hefty discount coupon for buying the program you like best. It's an
opportunity you won't want to miss. (Ever wonder what goes on at the Smart
Marriage Conference? Check out these 2007 speaker excerpts on

€ Spaces in the First Comes Love program are limited. Apply

Looking forward to meeting you in San Francisco!

Happy New Year!

Kay Reed
Executive Director

 P.S. Another great opportunity at Smart Marriages is author Marline
Pearson's in-depth training on her newly released Love U2 - Relationship
Smarts PLUS program on Sunday, July 6, 2008. You pay only $130 and get 7.5
hours of thorough training plus the Relationship Smarts PLUS Instructor's
Manual worth $325!!  That's right, 7.5 hrs of training AND the $325 program
all for only $130?!?

*Funding for this project is provided by the United States Department of
Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families: Healthy
Marriage Demonstration Grant 90FE0024/02.*

Copyright CMFCE. All rights reserved.

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