Urgent - You can help if you are: Time Starved, Mending Infidelity, Preparing to marry, AND Attending the Conference -....6/19/07

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Tue Jun 19 22:13:38 EDT 2007

One of the most important ways you can help others learn how to turn around
divorce and family breakdown is to offer to tell your stories. The media
can't help us reach the public unless we help them - they need real people
with real stories/ issues.

A major Denver TV network affiliate is looking for couples/individuals who
will be attending the Smart Marriages conference who can talk about their
OWN experiences or hopes with the following issues:

Handle time issues in their time-starved marriage.

Prepare for their Wedding and Marriage in a way that will help insure

Learn some ways to improve their marriage besides just talking about it.

Mend infidelity.

Avoid marrying a jerk(ette) whether never married or single again.

If you'd be willing to be interviewed please email your contact info (email
and cell phone!) to:

Anne Trujillo at 

Anne_trujillo at kmgh.com


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