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I'm sharing this to give you a flavor of what it's like when the Today Show
film crew descends on your location.  Jon Carlson and Pat Love will present
a Masters/Mini training on their new teach-out-of-the-box program at Denver
Smart Marriages:

> Love: What Everyone Needs To Know - MINI
> Pat Love, EdD, Jon Carlson, PsyD, Kathleen McFadden
> This engaging 23-part, DVD & research based series provides everything you
> need to teach marriage from A to Z. Multi-cultural. Experience segment #1: Why
> Marriage is Worth it.

Date: January 23, 2007
Contact: Lindsay Gladstone
Governors State University
Phone: (708) 534-7090
Fax: (708) 534-8399
Email: l-gladstone at <mailto:l-gladstone at>
Community Announcement
NBC¹s The Today Show Tapes Segment at GSU
            University Park, Illinois, January 23, 2007 ­ A bit of New York
came to Governors State University last week when a producer and film crew
from NBC¹s The Today Show was on campus to interview Dr. Jon Carlson, GSU
professor of psychology, and several students and employees of the

            Portions of the interviews will be included in a special report
on love and marriage to air on the Today Show on February 6, 7, and 8.

            ³The three-day series is on the state of marriage in America,²
explained Today Show producer Tammy Filler. ³I have really enjoyed these
interviews, especially as I am married. I have heard some very interesting
observations on marriage.²

            Dr. Carlson spoke at length about the hard work involved in
creating a successful marriage and the characteristics and realities that
both positively and negatively impact the union.

            ³People often enter marriage with very unrealistic hopes and
expectations, but expectations differ from reality. We should not expect our
partners to take care of us. We should ask how we can be a better partner.²

            Carlson added, ³Couples should try marriage before they divorce.
A better marriage can come when your focus is on making your partner happy.²

            Carlson and Dr. Pat Love, who is scheduled to appear on The
Today Show, contributed their expertise in marriage and relationship
counseling to the creation of a DVD/online media based college level course,
³Love: What Everyone Needs to Know,² which was produced by the Division of
Digital Learning and Media Design at Governors State University.

            The Today Show team worked all day on the set of GSU¹s TV Studio
A, gathering observations and opinions of Governors State University
students and staff members who participated in the new media course which is
offered as Psychology 305.

            Jenna Burris of Lansing, who was a student in the Love course,
was happy for the opportunity to discuss marriage.

³It was a great opportunity to discuss my values. I sometimes think marriage
is not positively portrayed in the media,² said Burris, who currently
studying for her masters in counseling at GSU and has been married for a
year and a half.

³I am enjoying learning how to be married,² Burris told the Today Show. ³I
was aware that it was going to be work, but thought it would be more work.
For us, the key is flexibility. We are open to learning our different ways.²

Martha Lawson of Kankakee is an academic advisor in the college of Education
at Governors State University and a long time fan of the Today Show. She was
thrilled to be asked questions about her 25-year marriage.

³Our marriage is not perfect and it probably never will be, but we respect
each other and work through our problems together. You have to communicate
or the marriage will just not work. Communication, communication,
communication. I can¹t say that enough.²

According to Dr. Carlson, ³There is no easy fix to an unsatisfying marriage.
The tragedy is when people stay married unhappily and unsatisfied. It need
not be that way. Things do not usually improve with divorce. But a marriage
can improve with work and counseling.²

The new course, ³Love: What Everyone Needs to Know,² continues GSU¹s
tradition of excellence in the production of television courses and will be
offered nationwide to more than 80 colleges and universities who already
offer GSU Telecourses.

The Today Show airs from 7 to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday on Chicago¹s NBC
affiliate, WMAQ, Channel 5.

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