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This is my mantra so you know I agree with this one.  I keep telling
presenters, "If you can write it down in a book or teach it in a class, then
you can put it on a DVD.  A low-cost DVD.  We need to sell these at Target
and Walmart!"  - diane

> Diane, please forward my email to Drs Love and Stosny:
> Your new book, ³How to ImproveŠ² is sooooo good that every page is covered
> with yellow highlighting. However, what I, as a marriage educator want/need is
> a DVD sharing the book's extraordinary wisdom in your entertaining and
> approachable voices. I want it, I¹ll buy it, I¹ll use it with couples, and
> it¹ll sell more books and more DVDs.
> This same message, is the same for all of our wonderful program creators.  In
> addition to books and audio tapes, please also include well produced DVDs.
> Harville and Helen did a great job with their Imago Connects program. This is
> what I'm talking about.  Or, look at the Emerson Eggerichs Love and Respect
> DVD. Both are rich in content and beautifully presented. Easy to loan to
> couples to watch at home or to show in classes.  I dream of ³How To Improve
> Your Marriage Without Talking About It² in a similarly sexy delivery system!!!
> Scripts for marriage education instructors are very much appreciated, power
> point is great too, but our students request DVDs. Maybe we've become a spoon
> fed society, but this format truly allows for a lot of learning by a lot of
> learning types. My wish list includes RE, Bringing Baby Home etc..etc..etcŠ

> Cheryl LaBarre

I agree, the IMAGO Connects and the Eggerichs DVDs are WONDERFUL.
Beautifully produced.  As are the Madanes/Robbins "Ultimate Relationshp"
DVDs I mentioned in my last post. And, it is truly amazing how fast all the
programs are getting on board.  ALL the MINI/TOOB programs taught at the
Smart Marriages Conference are DVD based. The 2007 list of TOOBs (teach out
of the box) workshops will soon be posted, but check out last year's list.
Most of the links are still live: http://www.smartmarriages.com/minis.html
and some of the special Smart Marriages discounts look like they might still
be in effect.  You're going to be amazed at how many additional programs
have "gone DVD" since last year and how wonderful they are. I've got stacks
of them in my office. A big reason for optimism. The times they are a
changing!  - diane 

On Heels of Success, Marriage Supporters Lobby for More Welfare Dollars
The Roundtable on Religion and Social Welfare Policy
By: Claire Hughes, Roundtable Correspondent
January 23, 2007

With a $750,000 annual allocation, Utah has become the latest state to set
aside a portion of its federal welfare dollars to promote marriage among
low-income residents.

The funds will come from Utah¹s $75 million block grant through the federal
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, the federal cash assistance
program that replaced welfare a decade ago. That Utah has decided to set
aside precisely 1 percent of those funds is no accident, but a response to a
grassroots push by those in what some call "the marriage movement" to spend
more government dollars on efforts to bolster two-parent households.

They call it the "1 percent solution."

The idea is the brainchild of Chris Gersten, formerly deputy assistant
secretary of the federal Administration for Children and Families who helped
launch the federal government¹s Healthy Marriage Initiative and now founder
and chairman of the Fatherhood and Marriage Leadership Institute, or FAMLI.
The "1 percent solution" - the focus of FAMLI¹s work - seeks to encourage
states to set aside 1 percent of their TANF block-grant dollars to marriage
promotion, through a push from citizens engaged in the marriage movement.

Melanie Reese of the Utah Commission on Marriage credits FAMLI with her
decision to submit a plan for the use of the funds to the state¹s TANF
director. The 9-year-old commission, currently part of the state¹s
Department of Workforce Services, will use the money for activities that
involve research, public awareness, and education services.

"To me it was a big influence, because I would not have thought to ask for 1
percent," Reese said of FAMLI¹s initiative. "It¹s a small percentage, but
what a great difference it can make."

Her office previously functioned on about $200,000 a year, which included
money for her salary, as the lone employee.

Last year was a good one for those in the marriage movement in general.
After years of waiting for hoped-for federal funds to promote marriage,
marriage educators and supporters saw Congress approve $750 million in
spending for marriage and fatherhood programs over the next five years. Part
of the reauthorization of TANF, the money included $100 million a year on
marriage programs, and $50 million a year for efforts to bolster fatherhood.

Those who see strengthening two-parent families as a key to alleviating
poverty have expressed their elation at the release of those funds. But few
of them believe that the money is enough to make the kind of difference they
would like to see. Supporters of marriage education point to research that
claims marriage benefits society, including increased wealth for married
people over singles, and the improved well-being of children who grow up in
two-parent families.

For the complete article:


The Christian Post 
By Lillian Kwon 
Computers are becoming increasingly pervasive in the lives of Americans
almost to the point where one spends more time with a computer than their
significant other. 

> 65 percent of consumers are spending more time with a computer than with their
> significant other, according to a study by independent research firm Kelton
> Research. .  . "It's a very common problem and a great temptation. And
children suffer; spouses suffer."

For the full article:

> Diane
> I encourage your readers to investigate the claims of this new Harvard study
> on prenups. I am not convinced it is quite as supportive as the author
> claims. The study appears to argue that prenups should be mandatory because
> couples are poor judges of their own divorce risk. This is not at all the
> same as finding prenups reduce the risk of divorce ­ which would be a
> genuinely compelling argument if true. I doubt it is. I¹ve long thought that
> prenups are a really bad idea, largely promoted by lawyers whose primary
> expertise is in the failure of relationships and not their success. Think
> about what a prenup does. Unlike premarital education or mentoring, it
> doesn¹t get couples to think about how to make their marriage succeed. It
> merely gets them thinking about the risk of divorce. It's well established
> that thoughts of divorce predict actual divorce. If prenups really work to
> reduce divorce risk, let¹s see some decent evidence. Otherwise we should be
> challenging their validity vigorously.
> Harry Benson, Bristol Community Family Trust, UK, www.bcft.co.uk
> (currently visiting the very impressive Oklahoma Marriage Initiative!)


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