Training Institute Updates - 1/14/07

Smartmarriages smartmarriages at
Sun Jan 14 19:53:22 EST 2007

I sent a notice a while back that the Institutes were posted and told you to
check them out.  There have been a few changes, so please check again.

We've added two new Institutes, cancelled one, and had to move two that were
post-conference to pre conference.

PREP: Within Our Reach by Lief Noll & Lawrence Ramos - 2-day
The Ultimate Relationship Program by Cloe Madanes - 1-day

10 Rites of Passage/Charles Lee Johnson - it's now pre-conference
School/Youth Programs/Kamper, McLaren/Pearson - it's now pre-conference

How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk/Van Epp

Check the complete list at:  Institutes here:

And, anticipating questions:

Registration for Institutes and all other conference sessions will begin in

Yes, Volunteers can attend Institutes.

No, the workshop selections are not yet ready to be announced.

- diane 

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