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- AN A** MAN



> Diane, 
> I¹ve been watching the Food Network a lot lately and I¹ve been really
> impressed with how often there have been really positive images of marriage.
> For instance, the Barefoot Contessa recently had a show about Paris and there
> was a clip of she and her husband in Paris having a really fun time as a
> married couple and in that episode she also made him a favorite meal and again
> it showed them having a great time together.  Similarly Rachel Ray often talks
> about her husband and sometimes he is also in her Tasty Travels episodes again
> really enjoying each other¹s company.  I also saw a preview of Giada de
> Laurentiis¹ new show and it looked like her husband might go with her on some
> of her weekend getaways.  Likewise, she sometimes talks about him on her shows
> and is very excited when she¹s talking about him.  This had me thinking that
> maybe the Food Network should receive a Smart Marriages Television Impact
> Award.  This is just a suggestion, but I wanted to share this observation in
> case you felt similarly. - LS

I'm afraid I don't get to watch, but it sounds yummy and very marriage
friendly.  Anyone?  Any negatives?  More positive examples?  - diane

 - AN A** MAN
January 8, 2007 

Paul Newman still loves his wife's a** 50 years after marriage!

Washington, Jan 9(ANI): Paul Newman's wife is indeed one lucky woman, as she
holds the same appeal in her husbands eyes, she held almost 50 years ago.
Paul - who is approaching 80 - still finds Joanne Woodward's a** sexy. The
couple - who wed in 1958 - also act as role models for a lasting
relationship for many young stars.

Liev Schreiber - who is currently dating Naomi Watts longs to have the same
kind of marriage that Newman has, after watching him interact with his wife
on a film set.

"I worked with (Paul) on the movie Twilight. When Joanne came on set, he put
his arm around my shoulder and said to me, 'Will you look at the a** on
her.' "That really struck me as an ideal relationship. I love the idea that
a guy approaching 80 still loved his wife's a**," Contactmusic quoted Paul,
who is acting in The Painted Veil opposite his real-life GF, as saying.(ANI)


I'm always telling you that these courses fill up like magic, and love to
send out testimonials from surprised program presenters:

> Dear David and Claudia, We are a 3 couple team in a Catholic parish in
> Naperville, IL and we are hosting 10 great dates in 2007 for our parish. The
> first great date is January 20. We were very surprised and tickled that 70
> couples have already signed up!

Two different versions of the program will be presented as Teach Out of the
Box Mini Trainings in Denver, with Latino and Korean versions in the works
and hoping to launch soon!

> 10 Great Dates for Black Couples - MINI/TOOB
> Rozario Slack, DMin, Angee Slack, MD
> This program combines fun dates with marriage skills and appeals to men! Based
> on the proven insights of the Arp¹s 10 Great Dates program. Teach in your
> church or community.

> 10 Great Dates ­ MINI/TOOB
> Claudia and David Arp, MSW
> Teach this proven, widely-used program in your church and community. Combines
> fun with marriage skills and opens the door for other programs. Bonus:  info
> on new Latino version.


> Diane here is what we are doing in southeastern Michigan:  The Marriage
> Resource Center of Wayne County (Detroit area) will hold a Marriage Banquet on
> Feb 17 to promote healthy marriages and families. We will acknowledge
> nominated couples who exemplify the proven attributes of a healthy marriage.
> We plan to provide gifts from local businesses and will provide articles to
> local news media.
> Pamela Hudson
> Marketing


> Diane,
> Here's what I am doing. I have a new training and service learning class at my
> 2 year college. I am training students in Love U2 and then they will teach
> lessons or a module in their community - in high schools, group homes, after
> school youth groups, church groups, etc.
> Also, within Love U2, there is a recommendation that teachers consider a
> service learning option. It's very simple. Groups of students choose their
> favorite lesson/activity and then they teach it to let's say 8th graders. My
> experience has been that teachers welcome trained peers coming in for a class
> and taking over. The peer educators have just gone through it themselves, they
> have fun with the activities....they are trained and have a structure. I did
> this very successfully with 11th graders -- who went in a "taught' a class to
> 8th graders using a  Love U2 lesson.
> Marline Pearson 

> Dear Phillippia, 
> Congratulations on your HMI grant. How true it is that "We've got to start
> with the kids." In response to your quest for activities suitable for high
> school mentors during Marriage Week, I'm passing on a favorite from The Art of
> Loving Well. [If you don't know about our literature-based work of 20 years at
> Boston University, I invite you to check out the website below.]
> One suggested group activity is appended to "Experiences in a Concentration
> Camp" by Victor Frankl and can be used as the format for an in-class panel
> discussion or as a survey:
> "The Secret to Our Success"
> Go to the experts for the best advice about marriage. Interview the married
> couples--husband, wife, or both--who seem to have a happy relationship, one
> you hope to emulate later in life.
> 1.  How old were you when you were married?
> 2.  At that time, what image did you have of married life?
> 3.  Has it turned out as you expected? What, if anything, has been different?
> 4.  What is the most difficult or challenging part of being married?
> 5.  What is the best part?
> 6.  Do you have any specific advice about loving well?
> 7.  Can you recommend any books, poems, plays, movies, or songs that you
> believe are especially valuable in understanding love? Why?
> and from another group activity:
> "Here Comes the Bride...and Groom!"
> As a wedding present for newlyweds and as a memento for all the wedding
> guests, create Love's Little Instruction Book.  Review all that you have
> learned about what it means to love well, and compile a manual for living as
> happily ever after as is humanly possible.  Your publication might become a
> best seller!" 
> Best wishes and good luck!
> Nancy 
> Nancy McLaren 
> The Loving Well Project
> 617.353.4088

> As for what peer educators could do, how about a healthy relationships fair or
> day or week at their school complete with speakers, handouts, resources, maybe
> topic days, PSA's, ways for teachers to integrate into classroom discussion,
> etc. that they plan and implement (with adult guidance and support)?
> Jan Hayne
> Dads Make a Difference


Two-thirds of Czech marriages divorce - EU statistics
The Monitor 

> The average length of marriage is 12 years. People most frequently divorce at
> the beginning of their relationship, after three to five years.

Brussels, Jan 9 (CTK) - Only one-third of married couples do not divorce in
the 10-million Czech Republic, which is almost the lowest figure in the EU,
according to the statistics of Eurostat EU´s agency released to CTK.

Out of 100 Czech marriages, 67 divorce on average, while the EU average is
some 40 divorces per 100 couples, the statistics says.

Along with Belgians and Estonians, Czechs divorce most frequently compared
to other EU members states.

The situation in Belgium with almost the same number of inhabitants as the
Czech Republic is even worse as three-fourths of Belgian marriages end in

On the contrary, the lowest divorce rate in the EU is in Ireland and Cyprus
where only one-tenth of couples divorce. In the neighbouring Slovakia, the
divorce rate of 33 per 100 married couples approaches the EU average.

The low number of divorces is also caused by a higher authority of churches
in these countries.

According to sociologists, the rise in the number of divorces is connected
with a changed life style in society, but at the same time the divorce rate
in Europe has already culminated and is now gradually dropping.

The average length of marriage is 12 years. People most frequently divorce
at the beginning of their relationship, after three to five years.

Moreover, the number of couples who live together without getting married
has been rising in the past few years, also in the Czech Republic.

According to statistics, most young single Czech men and women prefer living
together with their partner before marriage.

January 8, 2007 

> If Cobb and Marshall sincerely believe the state has an interest in fostering
> and protecting marriages, then they need to look at ways the state might help
> unions heading for the rocks, rather than devise ways to further injure
> bruised and battered people.
> They could, for example, consider ways the state could offer or support
> premarital counseling programs. Many churches already do this, but not all
> couples belong to one. Or, they might want to consider subsidizing marriage
> counseling for troubled families who can't afford it.

Build a stronger foundation for families
The time to strengthen marriages is long before husbands and wives head to
divorce court.

Fresh off its successful effort to prevent homosexuals from marrying, the
Family Foundation now wants to make it more difficult for heterosexuals to
get out of marriage.

While the Family Foundation's goal of strengthening marriage is laudable,
the time to do that is long before couples head to divorce court.

The foundation's efforts have focused on ostracizing homosexuals and denying
them civil rights. But the group did listen to some critics of the so-called
marriage amendment that voters approved in November.

"Our opponents were highly critical of the state of marriage, citing the
high incidence of divorce," Victoria Cobb, the foundation's president told
reporters. "We couldn't agree more."

Nor could we, especially since reports indicate the number of divorces
granted yearly in Virginia number nearly half as many as marriage licenses

The foundation's answer to this is to make sparring spouses bitter. Cobb
said they plan to seek legislation that would require consent from both
spouses to divorce if there are minor children in the family.

The bills are sponsored by the foundation's champion Del. Bob Marshall, who
among an array of "family friendly" bills wishes to expand the definition of
adultery to make it a crime for a married person to engage in any sexual
behavior with someone other than a spouse.

Marshall proposes a House-Senate subcommittee to study the impact of
no-fault divorce on marriages in the commonwealth. The aim is to make it
harder for a spouse to claim "irreconcilable differences."

Cobb explained, "This comes down to protecting the children." Nothing could
be further from reality. One of the reasons Virginia and nearly every other
state allow no-fault divorces is so couples can avoid lengthy, costly and
bitter divorces that turn parents into warriors and children into weapons.

If Cobb and Marshall sincerely believe the state has an interest in
fostering and protecting marriages, then they need to look at ways the state
might help unions heading for the rocks, rather than devise ways to further
injure bruised and battered people.

They could, for example, consider ways the state could offer or support
premarital counseling programs. Many churches already do this, but not all
couples belong to one. Or, they might want to consider subsidizing marriage
counseling for troubled families who can't afford it.

Surely a foundation built on supporting families can come up with better
ways to chip away at the divorce rate than initiate punitive measures
against those who fall short of the foundation's ideological values.

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