Housekeeping - everyone please read this one - 1/07

Smartmarriages smartmarriages at
Wed Jan 3 23:28:07 EST 2007

The listserv problems continue. Has to do with servers and super-duper new
spam filters and codes. The connections have to be rebuilt which may mean
spotty service for a few weeks.

In anticipation, I want to address some "housekeeping" and conference

1) ARE YOU GUILTY? The listserv techies tell me that MANY of you continue to
hit "reply" to listserv messages.  That means your emails go off into some
filter or "log" to which I have no access. I never see them. If you want to
email me, do NOT hit reply to list messages.  Instead, send me an email at
(diane "at" A techie read me a list of names today - a
bunch.  I remember McManus, Braff, Stosny.....  He said most of them appear
to be "out of office" replies but some had comments.  If you want to reach
me you have to originate a NEW email, do NOT hit reply.

2) The conference workshops have not yet been selected.  Many have, but I
can't announce them until I've got the complete program set.  I will send a
notice to the list as soon as the program completed.  Last year was able to
do this by first week of Feb.

3)  I'm still accepting Conference VOLUNTEERS.  For info, see:

4) It is not too late to reserve an Exhibit. For info:

5) I cannot forward all the messages to the list.  I'm sorry because so many
are interesting, but there are too many.  It's not just a matter of my time
and "dropping the moderator" as some have suggested.  People are already
upset with the high volume and if it was wide open it would be endless. 100
comments on "Submission" is just not where this list needs to go. Plus,
trust me, I do screen out some pretty terrible comments. You can use your
imagination and guess where some of the "submission" comments went. Or,
don't. Don't go there.

- diane 

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