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I am not able to share all replies - will not share those that requested to
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there are just too many to share them all. So will share a "representative"
sample and then end this thread.  - diane

(In case you missed the original post from the husband complaining about his
wife's obesity:
http://lists101.his.com/pipermail/smartmarriages/2007-February/003292.html )

>> Anyone have anything constructive that might help him?  -  diane

> Diane,
> This is a very good case of an individual with the need for an "attractive
> spouse". One of the 10 basics needs of individuals  according to Dr. Willard
> Harley in his book  "His Needs Her Needs".  I can tell you the BEST thing for
> this couple would be to attend a Dynamic Marriage course! I have seen it work
> time and time again. Let him contact www.familydynamics.org for locations and
> schedules. I facilitate this class in SE WI.
> I could list some things they could do but in a class room setting, with the
> accountability to this course, this couple is better off doing the course for
> long term results. It will allow them both to discover needs and how to meet
> them. 
> Jeff Poplawski
> CornerStone Couples
Yep, me too.  I immediately referred this husband to Dr Harley's website.
Willard Harley, btw, will receive the Smart Marriages Impact Award at the
Denver Conference.  Do not miss his BANQUET keynote: "His Needs, Her Needs"
Fri night June 29.  Also, want to point out the name "CORNERSTONE Couples"
in Jeff's signature. It so perfectly sums it up: "Good marriages form the
foundation - the cornerstone! - for not just kids and families but
communities."  Wish I'd thought of that one. Brilliant. And, I also want to
alert you to a session at the Denver conference that was very well attended
in Atlanta. There is clearly a need for this teach-out-of-the-box/Toob

> 806
> Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Program ­ TOOB
> Aaron Larson
> Certify to present this program that teaches couples how to lose weight and
> strengthen their marriages at the same time.

- diane


> Regarding obesity being the "real cause"...I  just finished writing a  piece
> about that for my forthcoming book.  Although I would certainly  disagree
> that obesity is the "real cause" of divorce, I wish I had a dollar for  each
> time someone in my practice complained that passion faded because one
> spouse felt turned off by the other's weight gain.  If I were  politically
> correct, I would advise these couples that beauty is only skin  deep and
> they should love the person inside.  However, since I'm not  running for
> political office,  I talk about importance of physical  attraction in
> marriage, the importance of taking care of oneself and remaining  fit and
> healthy.  I'm not talking about looking like a model or keeping up  with
> some unrealistic media image,  but caring enough about oneself and  one's
> partner to remain in shape IS important.  (And by the way, the  overweight
> spouse usually is unhappy about the weight gain too!) Now, I know  that
> there are some physical conditions that make staying in shape challenging
> or near impossible, but these cases aren't the rule.
> This guy is bitter and sarcastic and that doesn't become him at all.   But
> don't throw the baby out with the bath water.  He felt abandoned and  hurt.
> Lots of guys feel that way when marriages become  child-centric.  And by the
> way, men don't have a corner on the
> "I'm-not-attracted-to-my-spouse-anymore" market; women lose desire for their
> husbands for the same reason.  They don't like their husbands growing
> paunches or the fact that they've growing breasts. This is such a touchy
> issue,  but one that I believe needs addressing openly and honestly with
> couples whose  lives are impacted by it.
> Michele Weiner-Davis
> DivorceBusting.com

> Dear Diane,
> Something constructive...hmmm.  Perhaps Mr. "One Man's View" might consider
> studying nutritional requirements, then doing the grocery shopping and
> preparing the meals so he can assure his family is eating properly.  Then he
> might consider taking over the household chores, laundry and care of the
> children so his wife can take the time needed to shop for stylish clothes to
> wear on the special date nights that he has planned each week.  He may also
> want to make babysitting arrangements for all the appointments for her hair,
> make-up, fingernails, toenails each week and patiently wait while she then
> bathes and soaks all her worries away every day in the jacuzzi scented in
> sweet (expensive) perfumes.   She will also need time to work out at the gym
> and tanning salon regularly, and she'll need coverage for all those plastic
> surgeon appointments to eliminate those nasty baby scars, breast augmentation
> for those deformed breasts and eventually a face lift (at least once). Plus
> she'll need regular laser hair removal & collegen/botox treatments.   To stay
> a 'woman in the know', somehow she'll need to fit in daily readings of the
> paper, magazines and best-sellers.  To keep her spirits up and her mood
> bouyant, she'll want to chat daily with her many girlfriends--on her cell or
> over lunch at the country club (or both!).  To ensure she is not exhausted,
> she'll definitely need to practice daily meditations in a place of peace and
> quiet, with soft music playing in the background.  Perhaps out by the pool in
> a tropical locale?  Finally, she'll need lots of beauty rest, too, including
> those restorative naps in the afternoons.
> While his wife is busily maintaining "Fantasy Ferrari girl", perhaps he can
> figure out how to juggle the children's schedule of appointments--including
> school, sports, club and church activities, doctors/dentists visits, play
> dates and childhood illnesses.  And last but not least, since's there's no way
> for his wife to maintain a paying job with all the time off work required,
> he'll also need to get a better position at the company.
> Melodie Tucker 

> Some will read this article and immediately move into (and perhaps
> rightfully so) a tirade on how insensitive and boorish this man seems to be.
> In trying to be objective, hear this man's point of view AND be sensitive to
> real life issues his wife is dealing with, I have come to the conclusion
> that this man is both VERY RIGHT and VERY WRONG.
> He is VERY RIGHT in feeling abandoned and betrayed by a wife who is putting
> the kids and her own desires (food) above their marriage.  Every married
> person's FIRST priority is to their spouse and the marriage.  The best thing
> any of us can do for our kids is to work on our marriage and show them a mom
> and dad who are madly, passionately in love.  That means that the children
> have to understand that THEY ARE #2!
> A problem I see in many marriages is that we all want things to be "fair".
> Life isn't fair.  Two examples:  1. Going out to dinner.  In a "fair" world
> a wife would be able to order the same 16 oz New York strip with slathered
> baked potato and chocolate cake that her husband orders.  However, chances
> are her metabolism is not the same as her husbands because of muscle mass
> and other biological issues.  As a result when she does eat as much as her
> husband she will gain weight.  That might not be fair, but it is simple
> physiology. ( I share that example as a man who's physiology isn't fair.my
> wife can eat ANYTHING and not gain weight, I put on five pounds eating a
> rice cake)  Example #2. is that this gentleman needs to INTENTIONALLY make
> time for his wife to focus on her health, her beauty, her feminism by taking
> full responsibility for the kids and assuring her that there is plenty of
> money in the budget to allow her to join a health club, buy a treadmill or
> take walks with her friends.  This leads me to share how this man is VERY
> This man obviously is focused completely on self and his needs, which is
> common in marriage for ALL of us, but certainly not healthy as a lifestyle.
> What this guy needs to understand is that when you get married you SHARE the
> problems of your spouse.  If your wife is obese then your attitude can't be
> SHE has an eating problem, it must be WE have an eating problem that is
> manifest in her weight gain.  As couples we are to work together to solve
> the problems one or both of us face.  If this man would get a sitter, take
> his wife out for a walk or to the park and have a heart to heart about his
> feelings and HERS, then ask how HE could help, then they could start down a
> path toward a healthy resolution to their marriage.
> Jay Laffoon
> www.celebratenet.com
> As for the husband who blames obesity for ruining his marriage, he wanted
> some reactions, so I offer a few (and I am not obese, so not merely
> defensive):
> Look further--what caused the obesity is more likely to trouble your
> marriage than the obesity itself.
> Look at your attitudes.  If you married her primarily for her looks, you can
> be sure she doesn't feel very treasured.  If you keep reminding her of this
> and putting pressure on her, that will not motivate her.  If you don't
> appreciate her good qualities and her service to you (including to the
> children you fathered), you don't deserve a Ferrari.  Think of the loving
> foundation she gave those children--not to mention the money she saved
> you--by not hiring a surrogate to nurture them to term.  And NO woman will
> retain the looks of her 20s, so would you dump her for a newer version when
> she gains a wrinkle or two?
> First, give up the idea that she has to be a Ferrari.  Then, if you want to
> ease her in that direction a little, do it because you love her and want her
> to be healthy and live a long time, not because she owes it to you.  You
> probably aren't the perfect, ideal specimen of manhood, either.  Then see if
> these ideas might help:
> When you come home from work, and she looks like a drudge and has left mess
> and toys everywhere, first give her an empathetic "You must be tired" and a
> hug, then start quietly picking up the mess and toys (with a smile, not
> clenched jaws)--maybe even teaching the kids to help you do it.
> Suggest something she could enjoy doing for herself--a warm bath, a nap,
> time to relax and read--while you wash dishes and/or put the kids to bed.
> Find a time each day that you can take her by the hand and go for a walk
> together.  The exercise will be good for those extra pounds, and the
> endorphins will help her spirits.
> And you might want to hunt for a local CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement
> Project) program, a lifestyle management program that combines reasonable
> cost, scientific basis, and built-in motivation.  Enroll in it together, and
> learn how to live a healthful lifestyle that will benefit the whole family.
> Madeline Johnston


> I appreciate this man's honesty as it gets at a systemic/societal reality
> that all the communication skills in the world will not touch.  Underlying
> the obesity problem is his wife's apparent decision to abandon the
> relationship in favor of the children, a phenomenon also highlighted in the
> previous post about parental homework assistance.  There are enormous social
> rewards for selfless mothers (martyrs) which afflict many women and damage
> intimate relationships.  The media depicts these affected men as selfish and
> irresponsible dopes. A lot of guys, like this one end up feeling manipulated
> into marriage and then pushed aside.  And they have a point.
> The solution is cultural rather than individual but some couples find
> resolution through the direct sharing of grievances.  Something like, "I
> fell in love with a hot, thin girl.  I know you will never be a Penthouse
> Pet again and I don't care.  But I crave that beautiful body, once again."
> It's risky, but if divorce is the alternative then it is worth a shot.
> Asking someone to do something that is also good for them is not hurtful.
> Sometimes, more balanced women can influence these martyrs to find more
> interpersonal balance and care for their own physical health.  Oftentimes it
> takes a dramatic reordering of priorities that people resist until there is
> no other choice.  It may also be that the weight gain is an unconscious way
> for her to avoid sex with her husband whom she really has no time for or has
> lost interest in.  That needs to be expressed openly as well.
> Partners should prioritize each other and one of the ways we do that is
> through taking care of our physical bodies.  We used to call that common
> sense.
> Kevin Kervick, MS, LMFT

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