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The Refugee Healthy Marriage grants announced today are also 5 year awards.
That means we won't be seeing more calls for grants coming out of the
acf/refugee stream for 5 years, so I stand corrected on my earlier comment.
Maybe the other streams will flow, but we shall see.
Congratulations to these award recipients many of which are staffed by names
you'd recognize and many that will be implementing marriage education
programs you would recognize like Active Relationships, Family Wellness,
PAIRS, Power of Two, etc....

Office of Refugee Resettlement
Refugee Healthy Marriages Grantees
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society  - $400,000
New York, New York 
Unites States Committee for   - $ 780,000
Refugees and Immigrants
Washington, D.C.
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society   -  $830,000
New York City, New York
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service    - $400,000
Baltimore, Maryland
Jewish Children¹s Bureau             - $243,000
Chicago, Illinois
Boat People S.O.S.            - $250,000
Arlington, Virginia
Lao Family Community Development       - $250,000
Oakland, California
Catholic Charities of Hartford          - $250,000
Hartford, Connecticut
The Cambodian Family                  - $250,000
Santa Ana, California
Department of Workforce Development    - $240,635
Madison, Wisconsin
Jewish Family and Career Services     - $247,501
Atlanta, Georgia
Alliance for Multicultural Community Services    - $250,000
Atlanta, Georgia

- Someone counted and said there were 125 Marriage grants, not 124.

- Someone says there IS a miracle, the list was incomplete and now there are
> Diane,
> Catholic Charities, Inc. of Wichita, Kansas was inadvertently left off of the
> official ACF listing healthy marriage grant listing.  We were a priority 4
> grant award winner and received our letter today.  We were certainly happy to
> get a little bit of money into Kansas! We'll receive $505,154 per year for 5
> years. 
> Joyce Webb

- Someone else added and created a spread sheet and says that if you add the
Marriage and Fatherhood grants, California and Texas are tied with 21 awards
each but that California got more money: $11,653,916 per year vs Texas with
a mere $10,980,847 per year.  Florida is third with 13 awards totaling
$6,578,944 per year.

- And, someone says there's a big typo: The National Healthy Marriage
Resource Center award to Public Strategies/Mary Myrick is listed at
$1,300,000 per year.  It's a typo and should be $2,000,000.


> Diane,
> I think someone should look into why it is that Wald, Colorado - a county with
> 228,000 population - receives $4,435,000 from the marriage grants or about 4%
> of the total funding in the U.S. No one lives there. Just a few farmers and
> lots of Elk and Antelope. You sent an Oct 3 article that says "Rep. Marilyn
> Musgrave requested the grant in June."  On 9/23/06 The Coloradoan ran an
> article on her that starts: "Protecting traditional marriage is the most
> important issue Americans face today, Rep. Marilyn Musgrave said Friday, as
> she called on social conservatives to support candidates like herself who
> oppose same-sex marriages. Speaking at the FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL'S 2006
> Values VOTER Summit, Musgrave, a Fort Morgan Republican, said she agrees with
> those who say legalized gay marriage would destroy religious freedoms." No
> people in Weld County, just the "Right" issues if you get my meaning. I'd love
> to read the grant proposal for this one. Actually for several of them. Is this
> possible? I think some reporter should get on this and do an analysis of how
> many red/states blue states or red county/blue counties with the "Right"
> issues were successful.  - a cynical reader

It was misleading, I'm guessing, for the news article to state that Rep
Musgrave "requested the grant in June".  Or, maybe she WAS part of that
grant application (??) as it does appear to be awarded to a county and not
some organization.  As I understand it, and I may have this wrong, anyone
can request copies of the grants under some kind of freedom of information
act.  Contact ACF if you're interested. Let me know and I'll share what you
find out.  As you can imagine, you are not alone in your cynicism.  I can't
tell how many of you are feeling this way because you didn't get funded but
some of the comments are MUCH harsher than yours, and also some of you are
getting disgruntled that I won't print your remarks. This is a moderated
list and as is my practice, I'll share your comment as "representative" and
I will share any news article - if any emerge.  Otherwise lets just say that
some are cynical and some are in pain and many are wondering how they'll
carry on. Some are already busy on Plan C (Creative fundraising) and maybe I
can share some of those ideas as things settle down. Some have joked they're
going to have to rob a bank - but what we really need to do is focus on
tapping Foundations (big article is in the works by Bill Doherty in
Philanthropy Roundtable that might be helpful) and the "1% Solution" and on
community Fund Raising events.  Julie Baumgardner has agreed to do a
workshop at the Denver conference on "How to Organize Successful Community
Fund Raising Events".  Maybe we need a workshop on how to apply to
Foundations.  Other ideas?  The conference program is taking shape so get to
me w/ ideas ASAP.  What do you need?   - diane

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