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> Diane, 
> Can you tell us which sessions to take if we want to focus on qualifying for
> the $100 million that was just voted by Congress for Marriage Strengthening.
> Our community is in great need of marriage strengthening. This  will be our
> first conference.  We're able to bring a team of three couples from our
> community.  We aren't sure what to take.  We're also concerned about
> registering on time.  It sounds like everyone we know is going to attend and
> we would like to register today.  Can we call you and get registered?
> - D & E  

I've been asked these questions in one form or another all day long.  I've
edited your question and will try to answer parts of it here for everyone
that might be wondering the same thing.

First, you cannot register until the first week of March.  Neither can
anyone else, so there is no chance that if you register in March you will
get shut out of anything. The registration forms will not be ready until
then.  As soon as the registration forms are available I will announce it to
the newslist. 

Second, anyone interested in which sessions are focused more on the
ACF/grants/requirements -- please print and keep this as my attempt at
describing an ACF/CHMI "track".  (ACF = Administration for Children and
Families; CHMI = Community Healthy Marriage Initiative.)

You can also contact Bill Coffin, Marriage Specialist at ACF, and ask his
advice: bcoffin at acf.hhs.gov

And, I strongly encourage you to visit the Community Marriage Initiative web
page at http://www.smartmarriages.com/grants.html  Find initiatives nearest
you and contact them for their advice.  Those with Community Initiatives
know the ropes and have attended the conference and can advise you.  Also,
there are lots of opportunities for this kind of networking at the
conference -- for swapping info and ideas. This is a very generous crowd.

Before I list conference sessions that are more focused on the "how to" of
forming community initiatives and funding, I must first point out that since
the President's Healthy Marriage Initiative is based on marriage EDUCATION,
the ENTIRE nine-day conference is basically a tutorial on HOW TO get
yourself geared up to qualify for the grants and to deliver one or more of
the 8 allowable activities.  Your team of six people can certify in dozens
of marriage education programs at the conference -- for dating, premarital
couples, becoming-parent couples, couples in trouble and on the brink of
divorce, stepfamiies, youth, fathering, parenting, low-income, ethnic. YOU
MUST HAVE PROGRAMS THAT YOU CAN TEACH in order to apply for money to teach
programs.  With six of you, you can go home prepared to teach a dozen
programs if you fan out and cover the bases.

So, some of your team MUST focus on training and qualifying/certifying as
instructors in various programs. To do that, just look at the conference
program.  That's the bulk of what we will be doing in Atlanta.  Check the
Institutes, Mini Training and workshop schedules.

And, some of you can focus on the "how to" get organized and connected.

You will also be able to hear straight from the ACF key staff - including
Wade Horn, ACF Director - how to qualify and how to apply. There will be an
ACF "teach in" where you can ask questions, small ACF group consults,
morning roundtables hosted by ACF directors for African American, Latino,
Refugee, Native American efforts, and there will be numerous "how to"
workshops and training Institutes on Grant Writing, Community Initiative
Formation, assessing Domestic Violence, Teaching in High Schools, etc.   The
entire conference program is posted on the smartmarriages.com website.
On-line registration will be available by March 1st.  Plenty of time to
register for the grant writing and other workshops.  - diane

Here is a quick effort to list some of the "ACF"/CHMI focused sessions:

Thurs 6:30pm - Wade Horn opening keynote: Marriage and Public Policy
Assistant Secretary for Children and Families/HHS
We've come a long way from asking if there is a role for the federal
government in promoting healthy marriages, to what should the
government do.  The President's point-man on marriage will
discuss how the $100 million a year allocated by Congress
will help couples choosing marriage get the tools and skills they
need to form and sustain healthy marriages.

Fri, 1 - 2:30pm - keynote
Dennis Stoica and Carolyn Curtis: Ready, Set, Go!
California is combining Marriage Education¹s ³best practices² in a
comprehensive state-wide marriage-strengthening initiative and will, as they
say, hit the ground running.  Their initiative will include: Community
Marriage Policies, Resource websites, Local Training of Trainers, Mentor
Couples, "Stadium" Events, marketing & media, evaluation, adaptations for
ethnic groups, grant-writing Boot Camps, out-of-the box programs, and Etc!
Learn how you can duplicate this template in your state, county, or

Fri 5:30 - 6:45pm Diann Dawson, Frank Fuentes, Bill Coffin
"ACF Teach In: Nuts, Bolts & $100 Million a Year" - Ask your  questions
about creating & funding a Community Marriage Initiative
108 Two Days - Wednesday & Thursday: June 21, 22  - NO CEU
Creating Marriage-Saver Congregations & Community Marriage Policies
Mike & Harriet McManus
Learn how to reduce the divorce rate to near zero in your congregation and
slash city divorce rates in half by training Mentor Couples who can put a
"safety net" under every marriage. Learn how to prepare couples for
life-long marriage, enrich existing marriages, save 90% of the troubled
ones, help the separated to reconcile, and stepfamilies to be successful.
Learn how to create a Community Marriage Policy. $100 spouse discount. Also
plan to attend the Marriage Savers Banquet, Wed night banquet featuring John
Van Epp: Love Thinks -$36 per person. Click for more information:
http://www.smartmarriages.com/marriagesavers.html Also plan to attend #917.

118 One Day - Thursday: June 22 - Free admission. NO CEU.
School & Youth Marriage Education Programs
Active Relationships - Garth Heckman
Building Relationships - Peter Larson, PhD
PAIRS for PEERS - Ellen Purcell
Relationship Intelligence - Richard Panzer
We have to start with the kids! These programs - being taught
across the country - teach students about the skills that are
central to building and maintaining good marriages. Curricula are
easily adapted to classroom, church or community and youth
group settings.  Teens also encouraged to attend. See #918.
Click for more information.

907 Two Days - Monday & Tuesday, June 26 & 27
Self-Regulation: Love without Hurt &
The Core Value Workshop
Steven Stosny, PhD
Qualify to teach the full Core Value Workshop program, an intensive
treatment for domestic violence offenders and child abusers. Also qualify to
teach "Love Without Hurt" an 8-hour program to add on to any marriage
education course - designed to recognize & prevent domestic violence and
child abuse, it doesn't use the terms "abuse" or "violence," which could
scare off clients or send them into denial. This course includes emotional
regulation skills that make it easier to learn marriage skills and use them
under stress. $100 spouse discount.  Click for more information:

909 Two Days - Monday & Tuesday, June 26 & 27
First Things First: Community Organizing Certification
Julie Baumgardner, MS, CFLE, Rozario Slack, DMin,
Bill Seabrook, MS
For anyone working to create a community marriage initiative. Learn to
implement educational, collaborative, media-savvy strategies, change
attitudes and behavior and reverse the epidemic of family breakdown with
approaches that include: coalition building, research, fund raising and
marketing. Receive a Community Organizing Certificate. $100 spouse discount.
Click for more information: http://www.smartmarriages.com/baumgardner.html

910 Two Days - Monday & Tuesday, June 26 & 27  NO CEU. 2nd day FREE for
those that attend 1st day.
Grants and Funding
David Mills, MA, MPA, We Care America National Grant Center
Funding may seem illusive, but it's out there! Learn skills and knowledge
to secure national and local funding for your marriage initiatives through
grants and alternative approaches. $50 spouse discount.
Click for more information: http://www.smartmarriages.com/we.care.html

917 One Day - Monday, June 26  - NO CEU
Community Marriage Policy (CMP) Leadership Training
Mike & Harriet McManus
This annual meeting of the National Fellowship of Community Marriage
Policies includes advanced training on how to strengthen your CMP, involve
more churches, increase accountability, train more Marriage Saver Mentor
Couples, work with government, and obtain public/private funding and media
coverage. See #108. $50 spouse discount.

Domestic Violence and Marriage Education
Rob Scuka, PhD, Dennis Stoica, MBA
Learn to distinguish levels of domestic violence and to
use Relationship Enhancement (RE) skills preventively
and remedially as part of any marriage education program.

Building Strong Families
Robin Dion, MA, Pam Wilson, MSW
Learn what it takes to engage low-income, unmarried
couples - ³fragile families²- in a marriage skills program
and keep them coming! Plus free modules to add to any program.

Strengthening Marriage in the Black Community
Nisa Muhammad, Rozario Slack, DMin, Curtis Watkins, Carlis Williams, MA
Black Marriage Day, Marriage Development Accounts,
getting denominations on board, special curricula ­ come
brainstorm ideas for revitalizing marriage in the Black community.

Marriage Education with Diverse Populations
Tatyana Fertelmeyster, MA
Marriage means different things in different cultures.
Learn how to adapt marriage education programs
to be more effective across ethnic and cultural lines and in working with
cross-cultural marriages.

Getting Your Foot in the Healthcare Door
Jana Staton, PhD, Scott Haltzman, MD, DeWitt Baldwin, MD,
Carolyn Curtis, PhD, Greg Deitchler, MA
Learn how marriage educators are collaborating
with hospitals, health care systems and mental health
centers to offer marriage programs for new parents,
cardio rehab, physicians and others.

Research and Evaluation: The Basics
Scott Gardner, PhD, Rita DeMaria, PhD
Anyone doing marriage education should be tracking
results and measuring outcome. Learn the basic tools
and concepts you need to get started.

Caring for My Family  - MINI
Karen Shirer, PhD, Erika London, MA
This FREE skill-based program helps low-resource,
unmarried expectant and new parents set goals and
assess what¹s best for them and their child regarding
marriage or ongoing father involvement.

Oklahoma: Laying the Tracks
Scott Stanley, PhD, George Young, DMin,
Theodora Ooms, MSW, Mary Myrick
Lessons from a multi-sector initiative that uses TANF
funds to strengthen marriage and reduce divorce. Training
models, evaluation, faith-based, domestic violence and schools.

Marketing Chattanooga Style
Julie Baumgardner, MS
Learn strategies that use both paid and free advertising
to get out the message about marriage, fathering and
abstinence and increase participation in community
marriage events and classes.

Family Wellness: Skills for Fragile Families
George Doub, MDiv, Ana Morante, MFT
Teach skills to at-risk families - never-married, teen,
single parent, stepfamily, military, families with abuse
- to handle extraordinary challenges and move toward
ever greater stability.

Getting State Money: The 1% Solution
Chris Gersten, Krista Sisterhen, Mary Myrick
Learn how to access state marriage money ­ how
to open doors and build relationships with state
and federal elected and appointed officials.

24/7 Dad - MINI
Milton Scott, MBA
Help men become involved, responsible, committed
dads. Includes exercises, recruitment and implementation
strategies in a variety of settings.

Harness the Internet: Marriage Resource Centers
Dennis Stoica, MBA
Learn to build a website for your marriage project
or Community Marriage Resource Center. Increase
access to local marriage programs. Includes FREE
templates and instructions.

Domestic Violence: Keep It Safe
Joanne Vogel, PhD, Andrew Daire, PhD
Use this detailed protocol to assess for DV in any
marriage ed setting. Includes intake screening, gender
& cultural issues, safety planning & strategies, and
development of referral sources. Protocol provided.

Grant Writing 101
Dennis Stoica, MBA, Bill Coffin, MEd
Understand the fine points of grant writing in order
to qualify for government and private foundation
marriage money. 

Ready, Set, Go!
Dennis Stoica, MBA, Carolyn Curtis, PhD,
Patty Howell, EdM
Starting from scratch, we¹ll help you evaluate your
resources and create an action plan for starting an
outrageously good community marriage project in
your city, county or state.

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