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> Dear OC Marriage Newslist Recipients,
> I realize this is REALLY short notice, but I wanted to let you know that
> today's (July 13) "Anderson Cooper 360" program on CNN (4pm PST) will feature
> one of our local Orange County Marriage Ministries - namely the "Hope For My
> Marriage" program at Rose Drive Friends Church in Yorba Linda.  Today's
> program is described on CNN's website as: "Can your marriage survive
> infidelity? One couple's story and how they help other couples make their
> relationships stronger. Tune in at 7 p.m. ET."
> "Hope For My Marriage" is a weekly support group (every Thursday evening) for
> people experiencing difficulties in their marriage - and it is appropriate
> whether one or both members of a couple are willing to get help.   It was
> started and is run by Jim and Patty Klein, who experienced severe problems in
> their own marriage and now use their experience to help other couples.  Jim
> Klein is the Pastor of Outreach and Development at Rose Drive Friends Church,
> a church which is known throughout Orange County as having a full range of
> marriage ministries - just last week, for example, Rose Drive Friends Church
> started a 4-week video series featuring Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott entitled
> "Marriage on Purpose".   And Jim and Patty are also the Pastor Couple on the
> Orange County Friends Marriage Encounter team.  So they are well steeped in
> Marriage Ministries.
> I find it quite appropriate that Rose Drive Friends Church has chosen someone
> like Jim Klein who is so active in Marriage Ministries to be their Pastor of
> Outreach and Development - because I believe that a strong Marriage Ministry
> is probably the most effective outreach ministry that any church can sponsor.
> If you receive this e-mail in time, I hope you join me in watching and/or
> taping this exciting program today!  And if you open this e-mail after the
> fact, I encourage you to read the program's transcript which will be at
> .
> And thank you, Jim and Patty Klein and Rose Drive Friends Church, for
> everything you do do build strong and healthy marriages!
> Dennis Stoica
> Orange County Marriage Resource Center


What makes a good mother-in-law? Very little is known about this very
important topic. Help write the handbook!  Visit and
take the anonymous online survey.  Whether you are a mother-in-law,
daughter-in-law, or son-in-law (or have ever been or had one), your input
and experiences about both good behaviors and challenging ones is needed!
Results of the survey will be posted on the website by January 2006.  Visit
the Good Mother-In-Law Poster Session at the Dallas Smart Marriages
Conference and in the meantime, please forward this request to family
members and friends and encourage them to help with this effort.  At Smart
Marriages we believe the that friends and family members are of crucial
importance in supporting marriage -- or, in tipping the scales toward
divorce.  - diane

Please help on this one -- could be very useful tool for strengthening
remarraiges.  - diane

For my dissertation I am developing a web-based questionnaire designed to
help couples entering or currently involved in a remarriage. I need
participants to take the questionnaire to "test drive it" to help in its
development.  Participants will not receive results as the instrument is
still in development.
Derrel Higgins
derrel at


If you are currently in a remarriage relationship, you are invited to
participate in the development of a new questionnaire.  This research is
being conducted by Derrel Higgins, MS, LMFT and Robert Stahmann, PhD
from the Marriage and Family Therapy department at Brigham Young

Through this research, the investigators are hoping to develop a
questionnaire based on "real world" experiences that will help remarried
couples identify potential hot spots in their relationship.  The items
for this questionnaire were generated through interviews with numerous
remarried couples and a comprehensive review of the literature.  Your
responses will be invaluable in assisting the researchers in the
development of the RAQ.

If you are interested in reading more about the RAQ or are interested in
participating, simply click on the following link:

(If you are not able to click on the link, then copy and paste the link
into your browser's address bar).
Thank you so much for your time and assistance.

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