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We're trying to figure out what happened with that last email.  I'm sending
this one to see if it also duplicates itself.  Your patience please. Someone
said it was because it was about the 'military' - that terrorists "did it".
I prefer to think it's the Sorcerer's Apprentice, but we're stumped. It only
went out of here once and know many of you received it three times.
- diane 


An extensive, well-researched article with front cover billing, The Future
of Marriage, by David Masci, is in the current issue of the Congressional
Quarterly. Wish I could share it or give you the url, but its web site is by
subscription only.  Features Blankenhorn, Doherty, Waite, Gallagher, Sollee,
Coontz, Warren.  Interesting to see what they'll be reading in Washington. -

Building stronger couple relationships in low-income families. Topics
include federal and state initiatives, what low-income couples research can
tell us, couples and marriage programs that work, how to add couple
strategies to your program and information on funding opportunities. June
10, 8:30am-4:00pm.  Friday Center, Chapel Hill.   There is no cost to attend
but pre-registration is required. For info, ageda, directions and to
register, go to: or Dennis
Orthner (919) 962-6512, orthner at


> Diane,
> I just saw the new Laws of Attraction, and we must find some way to honor it!
> Or even show it at the conference!! Pierce Brosnan goes on and on about the
> importance of marriage, working through problems, divorce is not the solution,
> and is funny at the same time! I couldn't recommend it more!!
> Susan L. Blumberg, Ph.D.

Has anyone else seen this one?  Opinions about giving it a movie impact
award? - diane 



> Dear Diane, 
> On two occasions I have read about the Smart Marriages gift certificates to
> marriage education classes/workshops that people buy as wedding presents. The
> address in your last e-newsletter is:
> , but every time I try
> this address I get a message that this page cannot be found! Does the page
> exist or is my computer unable to bring this page up onto my screen for some
> other reason? If the web page is out of service would you be willing to fax me
> the sample gift certificates?
> Greg R. Thiel - Relationship Coach

The page does exist and is working.  Try reaching it from the home page.  Go
to and click on Gift Certificates - you'll find the
link on the far right side of the home page, 5 items down, right under
Marriage Quotes.  - diane

> Diane,
> Is it permissible to show the Smart Couples video tapes to couples for a fee
> or do I need special permission?   I would love to use them in my work with
> couples. I am a coach and therapist and feel that showing these videos to
> couples in a group with follow up discussion would be helpful.  Thanks.
> S. Robinson

You buy em, you own em, you can show em and you can charge a fee to show
them.  Whatever works.  We want to get this information to couples.  In the
101 Ways to Strengthen Marriage in Your Community, we suggest buying sets of
these and donating them to your public library, to your congregation
library, etc.  Send me your ideas about how to use them and I'll share them
with the list.  - diane

> Diane, 
> I notice that the Smart Couples videos are all from the Reno 2003 Conference.
> What about all the great videos from the previous six conferences?  Would you
> consider making up a few sets of those tapes?
> I've attended all but two of your meetings and there is a wealth of wisdom in
> those presentations.  - B. Anderson

I can't work on this till after the Dallas conference.  Would you like to do
it?  I could send you copies of all past conference brochures and copies of
tapes so you could review them and decide on quality.  I've had requests for
sets in all kinds of categories - "new parents"  "stepfamilies/remarriage"
"sex" "couples dealing w/ infidelity" "how to organize
 your community or congregation".  I've also had requests for audio tape
sets - not just video sets.  Anyone want to take this on?  - diane

> Hi,
> I have been reading your e-mails for over a year now.  My marriage needs help.
> My husband will have nothing to do with going to a counselor.  A couple of
> months ago I tried to order a tape.  I thought maybe he would watch it with
> me.  When I did try to order it, I received an e-mail back saying that I, as
> an individual, could not order it.  How do I order a tape if it's just for my
> own use?

That's NOT possible!  Our tapes are all available to the public.

You can order ANY of our thousands of video tapes.  Call 800-241-7785 or

- diane  


> Hi Diane,
> I called Playback Now to order the Smart Couples video package and when I was
> put on hold I listened to a FANTASTIC segment of a tape.  When they finally
> took my call I was actually upset.   I asked the agent if she could put me
> back on hold! That is one terrific tape.  (I did call back and listened some
> more - it's an 800#). She said it's  by Dr William Doherty and is called
> "Whose Got Time to be Married".  Imagine my delight when she told me that that
> tape is included in the Smart Couples package as a video! She then said there
> are several other good tapes by Dr Doherty - best sellers.  I'd like to order
> them but wonder if there is any chance you could create packages of all the
> tapes of different presenters?  Maybe an audiotape set? I've never attended
> one of your conferences, maybe I'll have to come try it. - PD

So many good ideas, so little time!  I never thought of that, but you're
right.  We have enough tapes now after 8 years of conferences that would
could easily create a Bill Doherty, Michele Weiner-Davis, Howard Markman,
Barry McCarthy set of tapes....lots of gold in them there hills. I'll look
into it, but it won't be until after the conference.  Please remind me to
get on this in August.  For now, you can order that tape as an audio tape,
audio CD or video tape or video DVD for $15 or $25 - or you can order it as
part of that Smart Couples package of videos or DVDs - six tapes for only
$95 including shipping and handling.  Order tapes at 800-241-7785. The
Doherty keynote tape, "Who's Got Time to Be Married?" is #753-082.

> Dear Diane,
> Please don't share this with the list, or if you must, please disguise my
> name. I would like to order tapes that might help with sexual problems in
> marriage. The little blue pill is not the answer for us.  It doesn't look like
> the special video package you created deals with sexual issues.  Could you
> please suggest tapes?  Thanks in advance. - XXX're right, and we do have plenty of specific tapes on Marital
Sex.  Another job for August. In the meantime, here's an earlier post to the
list re tapes I do HIGHLY recommend to you.
>> Hi Diane, 
>> I ordered the tape of "Marital Sex as it Ought to Be"  by Barry McCarthy.
>> Wow!  I was blown away.  I just cant believe that one man can know so much
>> about sex.  Right after hearing the tape (for the second time--it was too
>> much to digest at once) I started teaching one of my couples some of the
>> principles.  We are lucky to have him at the Smart Marriages conference.  My
>> experience listening to the tape, as well as meeting Dr McCarthy in person at
>> the conference, just reinforces what a unique service you provide to a world
>> of practitioners who are devoted to improving the institution of marriage.
>> Just want to take the time to say thanks and to recommend the tape to others.
>> Scott Haltzman, MD
> The McCarthy tapes - "Marital Sex as It Ought To Be" #753-810 and
> "Rekindling Desire" #753-304 are both available at 800-241-7785 as is Dr
> Haltzman's own very highly rated session, "Win Your Wife's Heart Forever"
> #753- 804.  - diane

Visit the Books by Experts page on the website and search for sex

Visit the e-newslist archive and search for sex and tape and you'll find
lots more, and one of these days I'll get a package put together.

Come to Smart Marriages - we've got great presentations on sex - Hot
Monogamy, Sex Starved Marriage, Marital Sex as It Ought to Be, Sacred Sex,
Love and Sex in the Biblical Marriage, The Number One Key to Incredible Sex.
And with a crowd of thousands, you'll anonymously fade into the woodwork...
- diane  

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