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> Hello Diane,
> I have heard it mentioned numerous times on your site, about giving
> marriage videos to couples as a wedding gift.  I think it is a great
> idea, but would like some suggestions of which ones would be good for
> that purpose.  I am attending my first Smart Marriages conference this
> summer in Dallas, and looking forward to it.  - Kathy Schoenborn

This is great idea and I've been asked dozens of times to create such a
package but just haven't had time. So, when I got your email, I decided this
was nuts and that I had to MAKE the time.  So, here is the
"Smart Couples" video or DVD package.  (I should probably call it the Kathy
Schoenborn package in honor of your getting me to finally get this done.)

This package will be great for newlyweds but would also work for couples at
any stage - would make a great anniversary gift or perfect to send to a
couple that's struggling.  Or, cohabiting and not sure if they're ready to
take the plunge.  And, of course, these would also make great teaching tapes
in any setting.

You can order this as a Video or DVD Package - all six sessions for only $95
including shipping and handling, or order individual videotapes or DVDs for
$25 each.  Order by calling 800-241-7785 or by going to

Order #75-SC03 - Smart Couples Package - $95 for DVDs or Video Tapes

753-081 Guerilla Divorce Busting Do's & Don¹ts
Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW
Fight the war on divorce using
unconventional tactics in unconventional

753-082 Who's Got Time to be Married?
Bill Doherty, PhD 
Time famine is at the top of contemporary
couples' lists of challenges, but we have just
begun to pay attention to it in the marriage
movement.  No time, no marriage.  Period.

Anger: The Seed of Love
Gary Smalley
Anger scares us. We withdraw, attack, avoid, defend - and, too often fail to
realize anger¹s hidden potential. Help couples understand & transform these
deep emotions and use them to create an unbreakable love.

Saving Marriages Before (and After) They Start: The Marriage Mentoring and
SYMBIS Program
Les Parrott, PhD, Leslie Parrott, EdD
Learn the questions couples need to ask before and after they marry.

Creating Lasting Marital Friendships by Cultivating Character
Blaine Fowers, PhD
The very best marriages are built on character strengths. Learn how to build
strong marriages by fostering the strengths of friendship, loyalty,
generosity and justice.

PAIRS Jumpstart!: A New One-Day Workshop Format
Lori Gordon, PhD
Learn how to use the core PAIRS relationship skills of Confiding,
Complaining, Clarifying and Concluding as a starting point for resolving
relationship tangles and fostering intimacy.

By the way, what I bet you've seen mentioned many times on the list is the
idea of giving marriage education classes to couples as wedding gifts.  I
never give anything else - I always give the couple a certificate to take a
marriage education class. All the courses offer gift certificates.  Ideas
and sample gift certificates can be found at:

- diane 

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