CONFERENCE fliers - post them everywhere/submission deadline -10/02

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subject: CONFERENCE fliers - post them everywhere/submission deadline -10/02

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A pdf version of the Smart Marriages Reno conference flier is now available
on the web site.  Go to
and click on pdf (in first left column). Or, maybe it works to go directly
to  Or, if you can't
download it, email me and I'll send as an attachment.  Or, if that doesn't
work for you, I'll mail you a copy of the flier in the regular old mail.

You can print these out and distribute them, post them on bulletin boards,
link to it from you web site, or send as an email pdf attachment to
colleagues, list serves, etc.  The pdf attachments are a great way to get an
early "save the dates!" notice to people. The Navy emailed these pdfs last
year to their chaplains and family life offices and it was a quick way to
get the news to bases all around the world.

Note that these are fliers - they are not the conference brochures and
registration forms.  The brochures/reg forms are not available until
February or March. 

If you can place conference notices in your newsletters, on your web sites,
etc - PLEASE do.  We can't change the world unless we reach it! Let me know
what help you need to do this.

Ads for the conference have already started to appear in professional
publications - I'm getting calls from ACA readers, so know that one has hit
mailboxes this week.

Also, I've extended the DEADLINE for applications to present at the
conference to Oct 14th.  I've had so many computer *challenges* this month
that I'm behind, so might as well let you take advantage of that.  The
application for workshops posted on the web site Conference information
page.  Right at the top middle - you can't miss it.



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