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What do a hamburger, a Volkswagen and yogurt have in common?
Here are some of your replies:

> These are all German words used in English? - B. Windsor

> they all have a "g".  - E. Santana-Grace

> I give up, but I was amazed at what turned up when I plugged the three terms
> into a Yahoo search! - Vicki in Austin

> All of them were created before I was born! - A. Reed,

> If the yogurt is frozen and has Bosco on it, they have an overweight, hippie,
> carnivore in common. -  George

> They are all the subject of commercials being nominated for
> pro-marriage commercial awards!  -  Dorothy Doyle-Wandell

Dorothy has been paying attention.  She wins the Passat filled with Dannon
Yogurt and McDonald's Hamburgers - oh, and the DeBeers diamonds and a
shopping spree at J.C. Penney's. Just kidding, Dorothy.  Wish it were so,
but you'll have to be satisfied at being the first one to get back to me
with the right answer.

Not only were these 5 among those nominated for the 2002 Smart Marriages
Advertising Impact awards, they're the winners out of the dozens nominated.
We'll present the awards and show the winning spots at the conference
banquet.  I'm announcing them now so you can start patronizing the winners.
Everyone run out and buy diamonds and a Passat.  Ha. Maybe a conference
outfit at Penney's.  Or, go on a yogurt diet so the clothes you wore last
year will fit.  Whatever.  We're very pleased with these 5.  After the
conference we hope to have a live links to them.

Also, start looking for next year's winners.  Send the product and a brief
description of the commercial.

Here are the winning titles.  All of them are playing nationally, you may
recognize them: 

1) "French Maid"/Dannon Yogurt
2) "Hands"/De Beers Jewelry
3) "100 Years (Timeless Values)"/JC Penney
4) "Go Between"/McDonald's
5) "Race"/Volkswagen Passat

- diane 
over the conference dates

Shows at the National Gallery are free (you pay on April 15th), but usually
shows that are this popular have timed admission. This means you have to
stand in line in the morning and then you get up to four passes for a
designated time later that day.  Sometimes, they will let you reserve
tickets through Ticektron or TicketMaster for these popular exhibitions -
you pay a small handling fee.  I just called the Gallery and so far they
"haven't worked out what to do".  I'll let you know if I find out how you
can reserve tickets.  If any of you hear, please let me know.  I might miss
it.  - diane  

USA Today 
June 4, 2002

Divorce Detrimental to Kids' Academics

On June 4, 2002, USA Today reported on a new study, "which uses a
government-sponsored database, examined nearly 10,000 adolescents at four
points in time: at three years and at one year before the divorce, and one
year and three years after it.  The study finds that the psychological
damage builds before the divorce and dissipates after it, but academic
progress continues to weaken.  The researchers, at Ohio State University,
speculate that the children initially may fall behind academically and not
be able to catch up, or that once they fall behind, they lose self-esteem
and motivation.  The study appears in the current issue of the Journal of
Marriage and Family."


To those of you who, like me, might be wondering just what Willard Harley,
Les & Leslie Parrott, Gary Smalley are missing to be with us at Smart

> Here's an excerpt from a press release after their 2001 convention:
> "At the close of the convention, 14,239 people had registered attendance at
> the convention, topping last year¹s attendance of 12,107, and just under
> 1999¹s record attendance of 14,694.  Representatives from 2,687 buying stores
> came to consider the products and services of 515 exhibitors, compared to
> 2,629  stores last year and 525 exhibitors.  The international attendance has
> grown consistently from year to year and was strong again this year with 863
> international representatives from 56 different countries."

Did I say lil ole Smart Marriages?  This is truly amazing.  - diane

Here is the latest CLASP analysis of the marriage and family formation
provisions of the House welfare bill. The full report is on their site.

Spending Too Much, Accomplishing Too Little: An Analysis of the Family
Formation Provisions of H.R. 4737 and Recommendations for Change
by Jodie Levin-Epstein, Theodora Ooms, Mary Parke, Paula Roberts, and Vicki

 H.R. 4737, the TANF reauthorization bill passed by the House in May,
encourages states to make more efforts to promote marriage and, to a lesser
extent, responsible fatherhood.  The bill also earmarks substantial funds -
$1.6 billion - focused almost exclusively for the promotion and support of
marriage.  This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the various
provisions in the bill regarding: (1) program purposes and maintenance of
effort clauses, (2) the provision of TANF benefits to two-parent families,
(3) the establishment of marriage performance goals, and (4) funding for
marriage and fatherhood activities. In each section, the authors offer
recommendations for the Senate to consider as it takes up TANF
reauthorization.  To read the report go to:

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