Pope Urges Judges, Lawyers to Shun Divorce Cases -1/28/02

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subject: Pope Urges Judges, Lawyers to Shun Divorce Cases -1/28/02

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Reminds me of the old movie, Divorce Italian Style.  - diane

Pope Urges Judges, Lawyers to Shun Divorce Cases
 January 28, 2002 

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope John Paul urged magistrates and lawyers Monday
to avoid working on divorce cases, which he described as "spreading like the

The Pope, spiritual leader of about one billion Catholics around the world,
sent his warning to the legal profession during an annual meeting with
Vatican magistrates.

"Marriage is indissoluble ... it doesn't make any sense to talk about the
'imposition' of human law, because it should reflect and protect natural and
divine law," the Pope said.

"(Divorce) ... has devastating consequences that spread in society like the

As a result, judges and lawyers should refuse to use their professional
skills with the goal of ending marriages, he said.

"Lawyers, who work freely, should always decline to use their professions
for an end that is contrary to justice, like divorce," the 81-year-old Pope

While magistrates may find it more difficult to avoid being assigned
marriage cases, the Pope said they must strive to prevent divorce.

"Those working in civil law cases should avoid being personally involved in
what could be understood as cooperating in divorce...they should look for
effective measures to favor marriage, above all mediating conciliation," he

The Catholic Church is vehemently opposed to divorce and homosexual unions
which it says threaten the "natural institution" of the family.

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