Romantic married couples - I surrender - 1/22/02

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subject: Romantic married couples - I surrender  - 1/22/02

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OK, OK.  This one really pushed some buttons.

Paul Newman and Frank Gifford were both married before.

So was Martha Washington - but she was widowed, not divorced.

Frank Gifford, it was pointed out, "certainly falls in the Clinton category
and, no, don't put Clinton on, take the Giffords off!" -  and, as several of
you said, lots of the marriages on this list fall in *that cheating*
category.  George Washington was said to be visiting a neighbor
lady and many of these folks were know to have had affairs - "Cosby
acknowledged fathering a child outside the marriage when forced to by the
press" - and so on.  I knew about these scandals - we all did - I simply
forgot. It seemed like such a good idea this morning.  And, furthermore, as
one of you so eloquently put it, "the rest of them are as likely as not just
a bunch of hypocrites like that Mossholder you just wrote about or Newt
Gingrich and the whole lot of them, and we'll be reading about their
divorces soon enough - except for the dead ones."  Hmmmm.  If this is how
grownups on THIS list feel - no wonder our children are cynical or
skeptical about marriage.

Also, quite a few remarrieds on the list are upset about the suggestion that
there should be a ranking or valuing of marriages based on which number
people are on.  

I think this list idea was not so hot.

I'll go make my New Year's resolutions list (better late than never) - and
leave this to the librarians.

Oh, here's some more info, we do have a very well-informed list.

> Christopher Reeve's wife is Dana...appears to be an awesome example, also an
> actress.
> Mel Gibson's wife is Robyn...7 kids, I think
> Other examples:
> Billy and Ruth Graham
> Cokie and Steve Roberts

But who knows?  


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