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I received librarian request for a list of romantic, long-married, couples.
It's a Valentine's Day project, but realized this would be useful year
round.  Send names and I'll post the list on the web site so we can all add
to it, and use it. Criteria: so famous we all recognize them as a romantic
and enduring married team.  Fictional or real.  Below is as far as I got

These listed are all first marriages. Should we include the divorced who are
in long remarriages (Ronnie and Nancy)?  How about couples where the scandal
and infidelity are what we think of first, but they are working at it - for
better or worse - like Bill & Hillary, or they persevered - or simply
endured - till death in a presidential marriage - like Franklin and Eleanor?
Jack and Jackie?    - diane

George and Martha Washington
John and Abigail Adams
George and Laura Bush
Jimmy and Roslyn Carter
Harry and Bess Truman
Charles and Anne Lindberg
Bill and Camille Cosby
Al and Tipper
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward
Christopher Reeves and wife (sickness & in health - her name?)
Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee ­ a Hollywood marriage since 1948
Kathie Lee & Frank Gifford
Mel Gibson - Hollywood, many kids, first wife....what's her name?
F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald
Cliff and Clair Huxtable
Archie and Edith Bunker
George and Gracie Allen
James Carville and Mary Maitlin - not married that long, 10 years? - but
certainly an interesting example - could be our poster child for it's not
about differences but how you handle them.

Homer and Marge Simpson
Fred and Wilma Flintstone
Donald and Daisy
Mickey and Minnie
Lady and the Tramp


Prof John Wall in a recent seminar at the Rutgers Center for Children and
Childhood Studies argued, through a critique and integration of theologies
of child-rearing found in Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin, and Friedrich
Schleiermacher, that society today must construct and uphold a "critical
covenant" with its children.  That is, churches, communities,
professionals, businesses, and the state should make a broad social
commitment to child-rearing, recognizing children as vulnerable gifts in
need of extensive public nurturing so as eventually to make meaningful
contributions to the common good.  Wall notes that the theological language
of "critical covenant" suggests interlocking roles for parents and the
broader community, a new appreciation for the role of marriage in
children's well-being, and resistance to economic and cultural factors that
presently marginalize children's interests.

The seminar "Animals and Innocents:  Theological Reflections on
the Meaning and Purpose of Child-Rearing" will be published in "Theology
Today" (January 2003).


Hi Diane
I just read from the clip of the script of "The Story of Us" you have posted
at and the encouraging reviews.  Where can I view the
Gary H.

You can find it on video in all the movie rental places, like Blockbusters.
This past Thursday I meet three board members from a local group called,
Beginning Again for coffee at a local bagel shop.  They've invited me to
present the LifePartnerQuest (David's Steel's program ) to the group.  I add
a spirituality component which they like.

As we were chatting, planning, etc. one fellow was talking about having
stumbled upon Smart Marriages on the web all on his own and in fact he has
been listening to tapes from the Orlando conference and heard mine.  As we
talked, another member said she also found Smart Marriages and she and her
daughter might attend this year. She has offered to loan me her trade show
stuff for my exhibit.

It was a delight to be gathering at a bagel shop singing the praises of
Smart Marriages. I assured them I would give them brochures when they arrive
in the mail.

Just want you to know WORD is spreading.   One cup of coffee at a time!
Bridget Brennan

It's wonderful that people are finding out about us - stumbling onto us.
But we mustn't leave it to chance.  Imagine if every newslist subscriber
told one new person a week about the web site, the conference and the free
newslist.   - diane

Bridget Brennan presented a well-attended and very well-reviewed workshop
last year on working with couples in the first 5 years of marriage (the
period of highest divorce) that she'll repeat at the July Smart Marriages

Togetherness is Better Way Than Costly Gifts to Show Loved Ones You Care,
Survey Finds

DALLAS, Jan. 15 2002/PRNewswire/ -- Togetherness tops the list of how to
show a loved one you care.  More than 50 percent of adults say time together
with loved ones is the best way to show you care.  Time fared better than
showing affection or buying expensive gifts like jewelry, clothes and
electronics -- according to an American Heart Association poll.

Four out of ten people polled said they preferred to celebrate Valentine's
day with dinner at a restaurant, nearly thirty percent felt a vacation or
getaway was the most romantic -- with less than ten percent interested in
dancing or any other activity (bowling, skiing, etc.).  The poll was
conducted as part of the organization's Power of Love fund-raising campaign.


I can see how both Catholics and non-Catholics could use this - marriage as
a vocation - as a great discussion topic. - diane

Hi Rick, 
     The request from the Catholic Bishops Committee on Marriage and Family
got a great response from Vermont Engaged Encounter.  Vermont's coordinating
couple, Patrick and Laurie Queor have asked me to write an article for their
newsletter on this very subject. I have included the questions listed in
your e-mail and asked for comments from our EE team couples and all other EE
units who would like to contribute their thoughts on this matter.  The
Coordinators thought it would be helpful to reflect on the Catholic view of
marriage as a vocation in our talk "Called to be One."

        I will compile the responses and forward them on to your Committee.
As you know, we are all in the front lines of  marriage preparation so I
expect some insightful replies.

         Best Wishes,  Ruth Charlesworth - FamilyLifeEdu at

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