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This is a big day. The entire Smart Marriages conference program is now
posted on the web site.  Workshops, seminars, keynotes, banquet and training

If you submitted an application to present and you are NOT on the presenters
list, we're sorry. It means you didn't make it this year.  There were
hundreds of great submissions that didn't make it - that we wish we'd had
room for - so many good ones!

I also regret that this is how you hear the news. I am the only one here -
no staff.  I wish I had the time to enter all the applicants in a data base
and then notify each of you individually.

We realize that we need to expand the conference and add more concurrent
workshop slots.  Clearly interest, ideas and innovative programs are
exploding.  We were limited this year by the size of our hotel which has
space for only 15 workshop sessions at a time. Also, please realize that
there is a requirement applicants must attend at least one conference before
being accepted to teach - to be presenters.

To see the workshops, seminars, and the list of presenters go to:
Then click: 
Presenter Index, Institutes, Workshops, Seminars, Keynotes, and Program At a

(***PLEASE NOTE: If you bookmarked the Conference Details pages last year,
clicking on the links will bring up last year's program.  Please
hit the RELOAD or REFRESH button to see the 2002 listings.  You'll know
you're on the right page if it says "2002 Conference" at the top. If you're
on last year's pages, it doesn't say 2001 - "we get too soon oldt and too
late schmardt." ) 

It's a fantastic program.  I've already received several emails in the few
hours it's been posted, saying it is the best conference ever. We're all
very excited. 

As soon as the full program is posted, the hotel begins to fill up.  Once
it's full, there's nothing anyone can do to help you. There are nearby
hotels, but it's nice to stay in the mothership.  So, call today.

The Crystal Gateway Marriott 800-228-9290 or 703-920-3230 is the location of
all conference events. The special conference rate of $109 single/double is
available July 6 - 17 to allow you time to "do DC" before and after the
conference.  Kids stay free in parents' room. You can also reserve on-line,
just click on the Hotel link on the conference page.

If the hotel tells you the conference rate is sold out, ask them on WHICH
dates the rate is still available.  They will not volunteer that
information.  You have to ask. They are probably only sold out on the
"shoulder dates".  AND, PLEASE, if you are told the hotel is full, contact
me immediately. 

Click the "find a roommate" link for information.
See the Conference details page for registration prices - by the conference
($295), by the day, for training institutes, banquet, discounts, etc.

We'll be printing 120,000 conference brochures next week.  You should
receive at least one by the first week in March.  If you are on this
e-newslist and have not sent your mailing address, we don't have it.
However, if you have received a brochure in past, or the pink postcard sent
in October asking you to save the dates, you are already on the mail list.
PLEASE don't send your address again.  If you're not sure, that's OK.

The on-line Registration Forms will be posted at the same time the brochure
goes in the mail.  Many of you seem to like to register on-line, but it's
nice to have the printed brochure in your hands, it's easier to understand
the program with a brochure.   I'll notify the list as soon as the on-line
form is available. 

I can send bulk shipments of brochures to distribute to colleagues and
at conference, presentations, etc.

Let me know how many to ship and the ADDRESS to which I should ship them.
It's always best if brochures are handed out in person by someone like you
- it has a much greater impact than mailing to a purchased list.  If you
have a mail list you're willing to donate, please let me know.

There are 280 brochures per carton.  Let me know if you want a carton,
or if you want 5 or 10 brochures.  You can start with a few, and work your
way up. 

TRAVEL: Airline and Amtrack conference discounts.

If you book using the discount code numbers, you'll not only save money,
you'll also help the coalition.

American Airlines and US Airways offer 3-level discount packages. Contact
the airlines directly or have your travel agent call using the discount
codes. See our website for more details. You can also book on-line using the
discount codes. 

American: 800-433-1790-Use code #: A5272BB - www.aa.com.
US Air: 877-874-7687-Use Gold File #8812206 - www.usair.com.

Discounts are good for travel from July 4 - 22, for service to Washington¹s
three area airports: Reagan National, Baltimore-Washington (BWI), and

Reagan airport is only 5 minutes from the hotel, with a free shuttle to the
hotel.  BWI and Dulles are about 45 min - an hour away and you'll have to
pay for transportation.  There is inexpensive transportation - bus to the
subway, and subway goes straight to the hotel.

Amtrak offers a 10% discount on the lowest fares for conference attendees to
Washington or Alexandria Stations between July 6 - 20. Use code #X65U-933.
For reservations: 800-872-7245 or www.Amtrak.com.  Train stations directly
connected to hotel by subway.

Various forms of ground transportation ­ buses, shuttle services, taxis  ­
are available from airports and train stations to hotel. See web for
One of the best things about our hotel is the fact that it is  right on the
subway line - or, right on top of.  You don't even have to go outside to
catch a subway train.  And, we're right across the Potomac River from all
the monuments and sites - museums, etc.

The table top exhibits are the heart of the conference.  If you are
interested in an exhibit, please contact me immediately by return email.
Exhibits are $550 - and are open from Thurs - Sunday.  We expect at least
1500 attendees. 

Remember that this is a conference to which you definitely want to bring
your spouse or significant other.  You'll see. It's fun.  And, if they're
not there, you'll miss them.  $100 spouse discount.

TEAMS: We also offer team/group discounts.  If 4 register from the same
church or organization, a fifth person attends free.  Lots of churches,
organizations bring a group.  They fan out, cover everything and then when
they get home, they've got all the bases covered.

STUDENTS: Student discount is $100, or, Students can attend for FREE as
VOLUNTEERS.  Volunteers see the entire conference.  If interested, email for

Let me know if you have questions or how I can help you.  Email always works
best ;)

Please save this email for future reference.

Diane Sollee, director

Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education, LLC (CMFCE)
5310 Belt Rd NW,   Washington, DC 20015-1961
www.smartmarriages.com  202-362-3332
cmfce at smartmarriages.com

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