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    USA Today's headline could have more accurately reflected the content of
the article.  Here's the way I put it in the WED-log on United Marriage
Encounter's website,

Even Trying to See the Bright Side,
Divorce Does Not Look All That Good
A critical adaptation from
"Divorce need not end in disaster"
By Karen S. Peterson
USA TODAY, 01/14/2002
    A book-length study to be published this month says about one-fifth of
youngsters experience long-term damage after their parents break up. After
studying almost 1,400 families and more than 2,500 children -- some of them
for three decades -- trailblazing researcher E. Mavis Hetherington is
publishing her findings in For Better or For Worse: Divorce Reconsidered
(Norton, $26.95), out Jan. 21.  Some alarming findings:
*    25% of children from divorced families have serious social, emotional
or psychological problems -- depressed, impulsive, irresponsible or
*    20% of children in stepfamilies are troubled; [Only] 10% of children in
intact families have trouble with depression or anti-social behavior.
[So divorce basically doubles the rate of problems!  If this were a
*    Fewer than 20% of young adult stepchildren feel close to their
stepmoms. The divorce rate in remarriages is greater than those in first
marriages, frequently because the stepmother is unpopular.
Men and boys adjust emotionally less well after a divorce in the family than
women and girls. Divorced men do poorly alone and remarry quickly, while
boys become challenges to the single moms they tend to live with, often
losing touch with dads.
*    70% of children in divorced families feel close to their biological
moms; 80% in intact families do.
*    70% of young people from divorced families see divorce as an acceptable
solution, even if children are present. Marriage is forever "if things work
out." Only 40% from intact families [have this tentative commitment
*    40% of adults who divorce have the same problems they had before their
divorces though they are now with different partners.

Keith Clark, Staff Assistant, United Marriage Encounter®

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