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Amazing - I feel like I've been living under a rock!  Check out this site.
I suggest you start with http://www.211.org/FAQ.asp   I thought Utah thought
of this all by itself and that it was dedicated to marriage information.  -

Thanks for that nice article about our new marriage enrichment video and
Marriage Week suggestions.  For more information about the national status
of the 211 information and referral system, see http://www.211.org .  There
are 14 states that have begun implementation of a 211 system.  Atlanta was
first.  Connecticut's 211 is statewide.
Salt Lake City is hosting the national Alliance of Information and Referral
Systems' (AIRS) conference in June.
Melanie Reese, Director
Governor's Commission on Marriage (Utah)

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Legislative Alert December 21, 2001

211 Victory in the Senate: United Way Grassroots Efforts Pay Off

The Senate overwhelmingly passed the latest iteration of Senators Bill Frist
(R-TN) and Edward Kennedy's (D-MA) bioterrorism preparedness bill (S 1765).
S 1765 creates a $667 million State Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response
Block Grant which, among other things, can be used to fund 211
implementation. This differs from the bill we reported on in the December 12
Legislative Alert (S 1715), which authorized funding for 211 without
actually appropriating the funds. Many thanks to all the United Ways and
their partners who urged their Members of Congress to support funding for
211 implementation. Thanks also goes to AIRS and 211 coalition members for
their effort. This is a big win for 211 and is due in large part to your
advocacy efforts!

The House passed a bioterrorism bill (HR 3448) last week that does not
include the 211 language. House and Senate conferees will meet early next
year to hammer out the differences between the two bills. UWA is in the
process of working through all the details of the bills and will send out a
comprehensive update with details and United Way grassroots advocacy
suggestions in early January.

Please forward any questions to Bridget Gavaghan at 703.836.7112, ext. 497
or bridget.gavaghan at uwa.unitedway.org.

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