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I just previewed the new "Marriage News You Can Use" video developed by the
Utah Governor's Commission on Marriage.  It's a wonderful 20 minute video
which will be given free to all Utah newlyweds by their county clerk when
they apply for their marriage license.  It was created in a "Newscast
format" with segments on News of the Day, Weather, Sports, financial news,
health news. There's a also a Spanish language version.

The video is available to out-of-staters for $5 which covers duplication and
shipping.  For more information about the video visit

The couple is also given a self-mailing, postage paid, 19-item
survey postcard to complete and receive a free gift if they
return the survey. 

And, get this! - there is a free information help line for
couples with the number #211 - (211 - that is too clever!! - wish I'd
thought of it.  We need to make this a national system - a marriage helpline
211 !!)  

For more information about the video or the Marriage Commission and it's
many projects, contact Dr Brent Barlow, Chair at Brentabarlow at

He can also give you information about "Marriage Week USA" which will be
launched in Utah Valentine's Week.   Here's the press release.

America Celebrates
Marriage Week USA
February 7 ­ 14, 2002

The purpose of Marriage Week USA is to celebrate the importance of marriage
in our communities. We acknowledge an observation made over two thousand
years ago: "The first bond of society is marriage." - Marcus Tullius Cicero
(106-43 B.C.), Roman Statesman and Orator

Individuals, couples, and organizations are invited to celebrate Marriage
Week USA. Here are some suggestions:

- If married, celebrate your own marriage with your husband or wife for the
time you have been together.

- Honor a member of your extended family whose marriage has had a
significant positive impact on your own life. Invite other family members to

- Honor a couple or couples in your community who have been married fifty
years or more and have celebrated a Golden Wedding Anniversary. Invite
teenagers and young adults to participate in planning the celebration.

- Encourage civic, community or religious leaders to acknowledge Marriage
Week USA with an official endorsement, announcement or declaration and help
promote Marriage Week USA with appropriate activities.

- Invite local religious leaders to acknowledge the importance of marriage
and/or Marriage Week USA in their weekly religious services.

- Identify the couple in your community, region or state who has been
married for the longest period of time and give them due recognition. For
suggestions on how to run a Couple Married Longest (CML) Contest in
conjunction with World Marriage Day (Second Sunday in February) see "Sample
Press Releases' on their web site at

- Organize a marriage conference in your civic or religious community during
Marriage Week USA. Invite appropriate speakers to address the conference.

- Invite local business organizations, merchants or other interested groups
to participate in Marriage Week USA in ways conducive to their particular
situations and circumstances.

- Ask members of the local media (newspaper, radio, television) to help
promote Marriage Week USA. Write a letter to the editor of your local
newspaper stating why you think marriage is important and your intentions to
celebrate Marriage Week USA.

- Suggest or assign young people in public schools, youth groups or at home
to write a brief report on a married couple they deem to be significant.
Where possible, identify the date, place and circumstances of the marriage.
The couple could be living relatives, ancestors or a husband and wife of
local, state or national significance. Teachers, youth leaders or parents
could assist in identifying various couples for recognition. Help students
learn the various customs and traditions of how and when marriages have
occurred in this country.

- Encourage local television and radio stations, movie theaters or drama
companies to celebrate Marriage Week USA with appropriate programs, films or

For information on National Marriage Week in the United Kingdom, see their
web site at

For more information on Marriage Week USA contact: (put your contact info

Name: ________________________________
Phone: _______________________________
Address: -______________________________
Email: -----------------------------_______________________________


Dr. Brent Barlow
1111 East 1045 North
Orem, Utah 84097
Phone: 801-378-1293
Email: brent_barlow at

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