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The Holidays, weddings and anniversaries are coming!  All of these 
offer gift certificates. 

Marriage, Family, and Couples Education is based on the premise that we 
all have the ability to learn the skills that will help us create and 
maintain successful relationships, smart marriages, and happy families.  

I'm getting so many requests for classes - these are some of the upcoming 
classes posted on the CMFCE DIRECTORY on the web site. 

If you search by location and don't find a program in your area, 
don't despair -- contact the Headquarters Offices listed in the first 
They will provide information on classes in your area.  There are courses 
couples and training for trainers. If there's not a class near you, take 
training and start teaching one.

If your course isn't listed, please see "How to List" on the website. 

Romantic Cruise to Eastern Caribbean,
Dec 2-9, 2001 aboard the Victory, leaving from Miami, Florida.  Emphasis 
is on
health and relationships.  Presenters: Pastor Lou & Janice Preston, Len & 
Karen McMillan,
and Marshall & Gladys Hollingsead. For information: 1-888-588-7432 or  The annual cruises are sponsored and subsidized 
by Pacific
Health Education Center,  Bakersfield, CA .
The Cana Institute: Caring for the Soul of Marriage and Family
Bridget Brennan, MA, MA, President and Jerome Shen, PhD
Cana Institute guides and directs couples towards vibrant marriages by 
them comprehend the dynamics between the Spiritual and problem-solving
components of marriage. It is a both/and: Marriage is a Mystery to be 
lived but
there are a variety of problems to solve in order to be able to cherish 
the Mystery.
Marriage, Personal Development and Singles seminars and retreats offered 
Marriage Wellness Seminars for Corporations.
**Schedule - in St Louis, Missouri unless noted.
Singles Fair: Sept 23.
Life Puzzle for Singles: 5 Tuesdays, begins Oct 2.
Dance of Marriage: Oct 4.
Avoiding the Potholes: Oct 5-7, Ponchatoula, Louisiana.
Marriage Preparation: Oct 13 & 14 and Nov 10 & 11.
Relationship Skills for Singles: 5 Mondays, begins Oct 15.
Marriage Enrichment: Oct 20 & 21, West Plains, Missouri.
Sabbath Weekend for Married Couples: Nov 2-4, Belleville, Illinois.
Dance of Marriage: Nov 15, Affton, Missouri.
Speed Dating: Nov 16.
St. Louis, Missouri
Email: joy at
Web: (for program schedule)
COUPLE COMMUNICATION I teaches you and your partner the
Awareness Wheel and Listening Cycle as practical tools to: spot
and change breakdowns in communication; speak constructively
using six talking skills; listen accurately and productively apply five
listening skills; and resolve conflicts by building mutual agreements.
Taught in-group or privately. Builds stronger relationship.  500,000
couples worldwide have taken this well-researched program developed
at the University of Minnesota. For courses see below:
** Selected Cities/Dates:
 Hayward, California: Nov 5, 9, 12, 15; Carol Stream,
Illinois:  Oct 2, 9, 16, 23;  Oct 4, 11, 18, 25;  Olathe, Kansas:
Nov 2, 3; Reno, Nevada: 20, 27; Oct 25, Nov 1, 8, 15;
Sayville, New York:  Oct 2, 9, 16, 23; Williston Park, New York:
Sept 18, 25; Oct 2, 9, 16, 23; Dec 4, 11, 18, 22;
Willoughby Hills, Ohio:  Oct. 29, Nov 5, 12, 19;  Portland, Oregon:
Sept 19, 26, Oct 3, 10;  Oct 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 20;
San Antonio, Texas:  Sept 20, 27; Mississauga, Ontario,
Canada:  Nov 5, 12, 19, 26;  Richomond Hill, Ontario, Canada:
Nov 8, 15, 22, 29;
Toll free 800-328-5099
Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc
30752 Southview Dr #200
Evergreen, Colorado 80439
Email: icp at
Web: - click for additional information
on the program and instructors
Marriage Alive International, Inc  (MAI)
Founders Claudia & David, MSSW, offer skill-based, practical
resources: books, videos, curriculum and seminars for all stages of 
marriage - engaged
through empty nest - nationally and in Europe. They produce a syndicated 
radio program "The Family Workshop" and have been featured on NBC's 
"Today Show",
CBS's "This Morning", MSNBC, The 700 Club and in radio and print media. 
Call toll
free or click on MAI website below for current information, dating tips 
and Marriage Builders.
** Marriage Alive Seminar schedule:
Oct 26-27 Columbia, SC; Nov 9-10 Dallas, TX
10028 Quarry Hill Place
Denver, CO 80134
Toll Free 888-690-6667 (Info, orders & media interviews)
Email: TheArps at
Website: (Newest resources and current speaking 
Marriage Enrichment, Inc -
"A Gift of Love - Building Marriages With a Future!"
Non profit, non denominational. Christian Marriage Workshops,
developed by Dr. Carl Clarke, psychologist and former pastor, dedicated
to building positive communication skills in marriage and family 
through private and small group activities. Workshops are conducted in 
with local churches and other organizations. All leaders are trained in 
the certification
requirements of Marriage Enrichment, Inc., all leaders serve voluntarily.
Marriage Enrichment, Inc. **Workshops Schedule:
Sept: 28-30 Allentown, Pennsylvania;
Oct: 26-28 Lavallette, New Jersey;
Nov: 2-4 Kensington, Connecticut; 6-8 Allentown, Pennsylvania;
16-18 Harvey Cedars, New Jersey; 16-18 Milan, New York;
16-18 Allentown, Pennsylvania
Feb: 15-17 Gallant, Alabama; 22-24 Harvey Cedars, New Jersey
March: 1-3 Janesville, Minnesota
April: 5-7 Spring City, Pennsylvania
Dawn Bleeker
Executive Administrator
Marriage Enrichment, Inc.
800-72-N-RICH (800-726-7424)
Email: info at
"T"National Institute of Relationship Enhancement (NIRE)
Bernard Guerney, PhD, director
NIRE is a not-for-profit branch of IDEALS, which has been training
the public, businesses, and professionals in the Relationship
Enhancement (RE) Program in a variety of formats for some 30 years.
Couples Relationship Enhancement® Weekend offered almost monthly.
Private couple, family and premarital sessions available. Comprehensive 
supervision, and certification as a Couples RelationshipEnhancemen 
available for lay persons and professionals, including via unique 
home study program that includes3 hours of telephone supervision; cost: 
**Schedule: in Bethesda, Maryland:
Relationship Enhancement Couples Weekend : $350 per couple:
Oct 20-21, Nov 17-18
Relationship Enhancement Leaders Training: $245 pp.
4400 East-West Hwy
Bethesda Maryland 20904-4501
Email: niremd at

"H" "T" PAIRS: Practical Application of Relationship Skills
Lori Gordon, PhD, PAIRS Foundation
PAIRS, established in 1975, has been highly acclaimed in the media
and by hundreds of satisfied couples for its success in teaching practical
skills, fostering intimate connections, and building and rebuilding great
relationships. Programs range from one day to the hallmark 16-week
Mastery Program and are effective with couples at any stage from
premarital to deeply troubled. Classes across the country and around
the world. See website for program descriptions, media coverage, research,
schedule of couples classes and leader training opportunities. Schedule:
New Orleans, Louisiana: Oct 21-25, ADAMS & GORDON;
Antigua, West Indies: Dec 1-8, SIMPSON;
Toll free: 888- 724-7748
Email: Ksimpson at

How to Create the Relationship You Always Wanted
with the Partner You Already Have, by Patty Howell &
Ralph Jones. Workshops for couples who want more. Men love it!
US & Europe. 16 Pillars of a World Class Marriage‹behaviors and
insights that nurture a relationship and those that damage. Deepen
and enrich your love, understanding, satisfaction through skills
proven to make relationships really work. Book published in Holland,
under translation in Hungary, France, Mexico, Germany and China.
U.S. publication pending. Trainer Workshops in 2002.
**Schedule World Class Marriage: San Diego: 9am ? 5pm,
Oct 20 & 21; Nov 10 & 11, $495 couple; in advance, $395.
4 hr mini, Escondido, 9am - 1pm, $59 couple/$39pp.
Howell-Jones Trainings
Box 235287
Encinitas, California 92023.
Email: HJTrainings at

Rick Brown,ThM Getting the Love You Want: Workshops for Couples
Rick Brown, Executive Director of the Imago Institute (founded by
Harville Hendrix, PhD), offers this intensive two-day workshop for 
married and
unmarried couples to rediscover joy and spiritual potential while using 
their relationship
for personal change and growth. Brown has appeared on Oprah where he 
his expertise at creating intimacy in even the most difficult 
relationships, and is in demand
as a speaker nationally and internationally. **Schedule: Getting the Love 
You Want Couples
Workshop:  $575 couple
Orlando, Florida - Nov 3-4.
Washington, DC -  Nov 10-11.
Clinical Training Dates:
Washington, DC - Sep 26-28,
Nov 28- Dec 1.
Email: rickimago at
Web: (Imago Institute for schedule of courses taught 
around the world)
Web: (Rick Brown)

Rita DeMaria, PhD, PAIRS Master Teacher
The Relationship Center: dedicated to enhancing relationships: Divorce 
Premarital Education, Relationship Assessment; Marriage Education, 
StepFamily Education,
and Enrichment. Licensed Mars & Venus Center. OfferingPAIRS, 
and PARTNERS (ABA High School Curriculum).
PAIRS Semester Course: 16 wk class including four weekend workshops, 
Tues 7-10pm:  Sept 25 - Jan.
Sept 19, Sept 25.
Box 738/921 Bethlehem Pike
Spring House, Pennsylvania 19477 (serving the Philidelphia area)
Email: PHLPAIRS at

Relationship Enrichment Center (Baltimore, Maryland)
Susan Townsend, PhD, Director A comprehensive relationship center
which offers seminars and workshops for individuals and couples who want
to enrich the interpersonal relationships in their lives. Couples and 
at any stage of relationship can improve their relationship health by 
and practicing new behaviors and skills. Also: PAIRS for Schools, 
step-parenting; cardiac rehab stress management and corporate 
workshops. **Schedule: PAIRS:
PAIRS Semester Course: starts Sept 29th - Feb 12th.
Free preview:
Passage to Intimacy Weekend, Nov 17 -18, 9am- 5pm $175pp/$330couple;
Hot Monogamy Weekend: winter 2002
Positive Parenting: Mon nights, Sept 10 - Oct 29, $160pp/$300 couple,
210 W. Pennsylvania Avenue #700
Towson, Maryland 21204
Email: relationshipenrich at

Relationship Institute, Royal Oak, Michigan (serving Detroit area)
Founded by Joe Bavonese, PhD and Shirley Bavonese, MSW. We offer
PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) workshops 
for dating,
premarital and married couples who want to learn skills to deepen 
intimacy, resolve
conflict and/or crises and create extraordinary relationships. For 
singles, we offer our
own eight-week psychoeducational program called Creating Lifelong Loving
Relationships which includes didactic lecture, experiential exercises and 
group process to help singles attract, create and maintain a loving, 
healthy relationship.
We also offer Anger Management and Growing Through Divorce programs.
Relationship advice via telephone and email. **Schedule: PAIRS' One Day 
Sept 29, 9 am - 5 pm. 
Cost: $225/couple, 100% money back guarantee. Royal Oak, Michigan.
Email: drjoe at

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