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What a great idea!!  Penny Mansfield, genius director of this
project, presented a keynote and workshop at the first Smart Marriages
conference in 1997.  I'll write her and see if we can
get samples for display in Orlando. - diane

Great Britain, May 16, 2001

Free glossy advice magazine for pre-nuptial couples

Couples on the verge of tying the knot are to be issued with a free magazine
detailing how they can stay happily married.

The glossy magazine will outline the advantages of getting married,
including health information.

They will also be told they should put complaints in writing to each other
if talking becomes too difficult.

More than 250,000 copies of the document are to be distributed in register
offices and churches reaching every couple in England and Wales.

The booklet contains a 50-point quiz to help couples to find out how well
they know each other, along with practical advice on pre-nuptial agreements
and children in weddings.

A page of the document outlines the health benefits of marriage pointing out
that married people are less likely to smoke or drink or suffer depression
and are less likely to develop cancer.

The advice is interspersed with photographs of couples and stories about
real-life people and celebrities, including Maureen Lipman, Jamie Oliver and
Julie Walters.

The magazine entitled "MarriedLIFE: a rough guide for couples today", was
paid for through advertising. It was produced with £26,984 of Government
funding for research carried out the charity One Plus One.

Penny Mansfield, director of One Plus One, said: "The magazine does not
offer advice, just information. By identifying the issues which may lie
ahead, couples are free to choose the solutions which suit them."

Dr Sheila Lawlor, director of Politeia, a social and economic policy think
tank, said: "This is simply a cosmetic knee-jerk reaction to a problem. The
real problem is that the law and the tax and benefit system are stacked up
against married couples.

"That needs to be tackled, not some cosmetic handout."

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