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This is a copy of an email sent by Nicholas Gulliford to 
Brit candidate Jackie Ballard and her reply.  Sounds to us
like Nicholas should be running for office himself!  -diane sollee
Dear Jackie

There's no need to reply at all if you don't feel you have anything to

You are quoted at BBC Online:

For the Liberal Democrats, Jackie Ballard said: "This is a long overdue
reform. Forcing warring couples to enter compulsory information sessions
never seemed very sensible.

"More needs to be done to help families before they get to the stage of
divorce and this should be voluntary," she said.

Hear, Hear! to these points! But I hope incentives can be introduced to
encourage responsible behaviour.

HMG is tackling the problem from the wrong end. What I think is required

1. Circle Time in Primary Schools - leading to
2. Life Skills/Relationships through drama etc. in Secondary
Schools/youth groups - leading to
3. Marriage preparation before marriage (incentives - lower wedding
licence fee/transferable personal tax allowances) - leading to
4. Marriage enhancement after 1st child (incentive - continued
transferable tax allowances) - leading to
5. Parenting courses (incentive - higher (taxable) child benefit)
6. Relationship evaluation/counselling/mediation prior to
reconciliation/divorce (incentive - much lower divorce cost)

Qualifying programmes for 3 - 6 must be based on valid research.

There's more to it, but these are the essentials, in my view. And I
think it needs to be explained as a package of measures, as what is
required is a change of culture.

HMG must revise the recording of marriage/divorce statistics, so the
ratio for each local authority area can be published, and performance
league tables produced. These tables should be based not so much on the
absolute ratio, as the improvement over time achieved in each area, as a
consequence of measures taken, and programmes democratically introduced,
by local decision makers. I'm sure a "bottom up" approach is preferable,
but it must be supported by a few "top down" measures to provide the
framework and the incentives.

Best wishes in the Lib-Dem leadership contest. And thanks for speaking
up about support for families before the divorce stage is reached.

Yours sincerely
gulliford.n at
Prepare/Enrich Network UK and
UK Community Marriage Policies
(last updated 17th August 1998) see also see also see also see also (Greater Grand Rapids Community
Marriage Policy)
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>considered response later, rather than sooner, if that is OK?  jackie
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