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I am not aware of any of these things being done in Iowa.


On Feb 2, 2012, at 14:01, Cheryl Holt <cherylh at thenationalcouncil.org>

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I am a consultant in the area of trauma-informed care and disaster
behavioral health. As I prepare to present at an upcoming conference on
disaster BH planning for people who experience behavioral health
challenges, the following questions arise about how prepared organizations
and consumers are for a disaster or emergency event. Would you be so kind
as to respond to the following three questions?

1)      Does your organization have an All Hazards Disaster Behavioral
Health Plan to address the needs of consumers within the org and survivors
in the affected community?

2)      Has your organization involved consumers in the planning process?

3)      Have you assisted consumers in developing their own disaster
preparedness plans?

I am very grateful to you for your time and interest.



Linda Ligenza, LCSW
Therapy, Consulting & Coaching

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