CIA and Marcos Gold Bullion

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Charles Sulka has gone beyond the norm of conspiracy theory with the
referenced post.  He has accomplished something far greater- the unified
field theory of conspiracy.  To go from "personally interviewing" the
man who organized and directed the CIA airlift of Marcos' gold bullion
(and of course Mr. Sulka surely verified the man's bonafides), to Danny
Casolaro who of course was killed while investigating another
conspiracy, is a jump that few persons could ever hope to duplicate.
But Mr. Sulka goes even further: He alone has been able to locate a CIA
illegal center on an Indian reservation, and he has definitively linked
it to a Mossad operation.  This is an achievement of global proportions.
Yes, those of us who have taken the trouble to familiarize ourselves
with his work are now qualified to dismiss it out of hand, in its

Vince Cannistraro

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     How can one say that the moderators are
doing a good job when one doesn't know what one
is not seeing?  (The items being discarded after
the information or the writer is pre-judged by
the moderator?)   If one is generally happy with
what one is reading, that should be a tip-off
that something is wrong.  Reality is just not
that cordial.

     In defense of what one IF member has
referred to as my "conspiracy-theorist version
of history", let me say that as a journalist I
personally interviewed the man who organized and
directed the CIA's airlift of the gold bullion
dictator Marcos stole from the Philippines.  The
man, a former NASA assistant space flight director
(depicted in the move, Apollo 13, by the way)
described the operation in detail, saying the planes
were borrowed from a U.S. Bureau of Customs program
to keep a fleet of aircraft confiscated from smugglers
operational for secret ops.  He mentioned that the
planes stopped for refueling at an air base near Indio,
California, before continuing to their destination in
the Cayman Islands, where the gold was supposedly
deposited in secret accounts.

     My source, who was known to me from reliable
sources to be a top-ranking CIA operative, went to
extremes to credit the operation to the U.S. Bureau
of Customs, denying that the CIA had any part of it.
He also pointed out that he had left NASA and was
working as an independent contractor at the time.
Obviously, it was a CIA operation.

     The only thing my source did not admit to
was hijacking the gold.  It was not until the
civil trial (in Hawaii) related to Imelda Marcos
and the gold bullion (Ferdinand Marcos had by
this time died) that it was established that Marcos
had stolen the gold but its whereabouts were unknown
thereby making restitution impossible.  I did not
connect the dots, coming to the conclusion that the
CIA had hijacked the Marcos loot, until I read the
testimony of a Mr. Riconiscuito, a CIA contract
programmer who had been hired by the Israelis to put
a "back-door" in PROMIS, a software package pirated
by renegades in the CIA and marketed world-wide by
Israel's MOSSAD.  (This itself is under investigation
by many, including the Canadian government, who
purchased the modified software for use by the RCMP.)
Riconiscuito says he worked for the Israelis at an
Indian reservation near Indio, California, where the
CIA had set up a center for illegal activities which
they could then deny--as Indian lands have sovereign
immunity, such went their logic, they could not be held
accountable to U.S. laws or international copyright
regulations.  He further claimed that during this
period he witnessed a fleet of military aircraft being
unloaded at night in secret, and heard rumors that
they were off-loading gold bullion.

     The story is far wider in scope than two incidents
connected by a bizarre turn of events.  Danny Casolaro,
a freelance journalist investigating the CIA and FBI's
software piracy (the story actually starts with corrupt
FBI agents and DOJ contract officers), turned up dead
in Martinsburg, WV, where he came to meet a confidential
source.  Casolaro's death must be regarded as the most
suspicious "suicide" in history, and has been the subject
of ceaseless speculation and numerous investigations by
the major news bureaus and even a former U.S Attorney
General.  Like Karen Silkwood, a whistle-blower in the
nuclear industry, Casolaro--who was know for always
carrying a briefcase crammed with notes--had no papers
on him when he was found by local police.  Casolaro
referred to the PROMIS/Inslaw/CIA/FBI/MOSSAD operation
as the "Octopus," which the local newspaper called "a
loose-knit conspiracy of current and past security
personnel involved in wide-ranging criminal activity
for years."

     All of this, and much more, is available over
the internet.  Virtually all of the material is now a
matter of court testimony and/or public record.  About
the only thing not yet resolved is the nagging
question of who has the gold.  It is my guess that
it can only be a cabal of right-wing loonies with
close ties to Israel's security services (Israelis
provided security for Marcos under the auspices of the
"Tamuz" Corp. and the Israelis have been named in public
documents and foreign security studies as trying to
"take control" of one or more Indian reservations from
which they planned to carry out a wide range of illegal
and covert activities, including money laundering
through the tribal casinos, financial scams through
offshore banks, etc.)  Israel's security services
figure prominently in every part of this story.

     In response to the charge of my being a
conspiracy theorist, I must plead "guilty as charged."
I admit that I subscribe to the conspiracy theory of
history:  world history is nothing but the result--
often unintended--of countless conspiracies and
the machinations of subversive groups.  Those who
dismiss the conspiracy theory of history in private
are, IMHO, fools.  Those who publicly and vocally
dismiss the conspiracy theory of history or deny
inconvenient facts are, in all probability, up to
their neck in one conspiracy or another themselves.

     I would appreciate it if my critics would at
least familiarize themselves with my work before
dismissing it out-of-hand.

Charles H. Sulka

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