William Henry Whalen

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I am seeking information on the espionage activities of William Henry Whalen 
(Lt. Col, United States Army) who pled guilty in 1966 of charges related to 
the provision of sensitive materials to the Soviet Union between 1959-61.

The most extensive treatment of his activities that I know of is in Linda 
Hunt, "Secret Agenda."  Marchetti and Marks "CIA and Cult of Intelligence" 
also makes some reference to him.  Richelson relies on Hunt.

Although interested in any material, I am especially seeking specific 
information about what data Whalen is alleged to have compromised to the 
Soviets and whether Whalen is still alive, having been sentenced in 1966 to 
15 years imprisonment.  In addition to secondary accounts, I seek advice on 
locating any relevant declassified primary source materials.

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e-mail, at the discretion of the co-directors. 

Christopher Bright

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